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  • Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 20:21:40 +0200

> Message du 13/04/14 19:47
> De : "Anthony Papillion" 
> > 
> > What about crowdfunding leakers? If we offer enough for them to
> > abandon their jobs safely, that may help quite a number of them to
> > bring light against all kinds of abuses.
> The problem isn't just money. There are many legal issues involved
> that crowdfunding probably can't address. In some cases, they face
> simply sitting in jail for long stretches of time or maybe even
> outright assassination

Well, everything should be very well considered, something like this can't be 
done in three days.

Let's brainstorm some ideas:
- A small footprint webserver;
- FastCGI created interface;
- PFS;
- A good firewall;
- A Tor hosted service;
- Bitcoins/Litecoins/Dogecoings;
- Journalists that will keep their mouths shut both about things they will 
publish and those they won't, so would-be leakers whose materials are 
uninteresting are not discovered by their employers;

Looks like doable, yet seems the only group of people that can keep enough good 
journalists together is Wikileaks. I myself cannot start this thing for lack of 
contacts and experience, but would code for it.

How each leak could be announced?

"Big scary secrets from Monsanto, donate a Dogecoin to help publish this."???

The idea is that we could send this people to some safe place before they are 
discovered, so assassination attempts would be less of a concern. Organization, 
seems necessary.

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