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Roman Catholicism was invented by the Roman Flavian Caesar dynasty using an 
adopted Jewish
General and others. That General took the name of the Flavians..........Flavius 

Watch on you tube Caesar's Messiah.
Buy the book Caesar's Messiah/Flavian Edition

Download: Josephus The Complete Works Flavius Josephus Translated by William 
Whitson, A.M.

It also helps if you have read the New Testament:) 
and were a good christian most of your life,lol

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> Bullshit
> Roman Catholicism is/was a Psyop against the Jews, because of the Roman 
> Empires attemp to
> put down the Jewish Rebellion against Rome..............
> think about it whitey

Christianity was invented by the Jews as a mishmash religion based on some 
eastern teachings in order to try subvert the Romans and make their empire 

But it epically backfired on the Jews themselves, so now they hate it and just 
can't keep themselves from criticizing Christianity at every opportunity that 
shows up.

Isn't that true my Kol Nidre praying Jew? Well, it will be hard to believe 
anything you say about, because you know, Kol Nidre.

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