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Jeanette, this has been a hot topic on drone-list.  I have lists of news 
stories in my Drone Notes, about drone usage, by US state, county, city, police 


Here is a summary of US states considering drone legislation. (more than ½ of 



Here’s the status of that effort, in map format.



Several US municipalities have passed, and/or are considering, drone ordinances.

Fortunately very few cities (so far) have police with weaponized drones.

You might want to sign the petition regarding DHS CBP drones threatening over 
2/3 of US population.


We also need a political campaign to reverse having 2/3 of US population in a 
constitution free zone.



EFF via FOIA with FAA has got a directory of places authorized to be using 
drones for what purposes in USA, with periodic updates.

Here is map 
  of US cities, where various institutions got FAA approval to fly drones over 
US airspace.[1] This is as of April 2012


Here is December 2012 update.[2]  


Here is revised again Feb 2013.[3]


Lots more have been added since then, not in public documents yet.

o       Color Coding:

o       Red – Active;

o       Blue – Expired;

o       Yellow – Denied.

A major problem is vast numbers of people operating drones in violation of FAA 
regulations, like 2 recent incidents with NYC airports.

An astronomical problem: it is darn near impossible for anyone to figure out 
who is operating which drone, for what purposes.


Last month, there were drone military attacks in Pakistan, which killed 2 alQ 
and a lot of civilians, for which both the US and Pakistan have said they did 
not do it.


CDT has proposed that drones ought to have a radio frequency id (who is 
operating me), serving same function as printed tail numbers on manned flight.


Enforcement will be a challenge.  Drones can now be made by 3d printers.


Al Mac (WOW) = Alister William Macintyre


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Would be nice to have a US-centric, state-by-state tally of those local law 
enforcement agencies using them. A Wikipedia page would be pretty nice.





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I am located in Evansville Indiana, connected A-Ok, 8.30 pm CDT.

You recently shared something of mine:

I have added more docs to my drone collections.  My count is up to:
88+ nations operate drones by its government and people, mainly for spying.
110+ nations & regions have drones, if we include those operated by
11+ nations used deadly drone attacks, into 19+ nations.

Al Mac (WOW) = Alister William Macintyre








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