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  • From: In Harms Way <11414150173@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2014 00:45:34 +0300

Given the past experience of the last 5-15 years and not just Snowdens
confirmations of what most interested circles already knew, and taking
into consideration the historical developments earlier, it is certainly
fair enough to question and scrutinize everything.

We also know in the meantime that maybe lavabit was not so safe as they
may have made even Snowden to believe, who trusted them with his own
e-mail account, BUT - while the Sopranos among you might still prefer a
personal talk during a stroll along the greens at the local golf range
over anything written, encrypted or not - I want electronic
communication with far away family, friends, my bank and like-minded
people as well as associates, which guarantees privacy not just based on
laws but safeguarded by sound technology. This is why I give the guys at
Tor, unseen.is and other development centres like https://leap.se, Pond
and Startmail, who have exactly such services in mind, my kudos and I am
willing to join and grow together with them stronger, like I did with
PGP, which is still unbroken (don't ask the wizkids on the internet, ask
the persecuted, who can tell you that their PGP encrypted mails and 
truecrypt encrypted devices were never cracked by the "authorities" who
took them or criminals who stole them.

It's everybody's own decision, to give in to the aggressor or to resist.
Unseen is developing already into a good resistance platform. Test them
yourself, they just upgraded today, but are still in beta and certainly
are open to wishes and good advise.

Joe Products wrote, On 03/03/2014 10:49:
> Dear all,
> let me share my concern over the so-called "privacy" on the internet.
> I am well aware of the interest which any government has to track down
> everything what is happening in the international "waters" of the
> e-communication.
> Question is: is unseen.is really that safe? 
> Thanks
> J.
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> Od: In Harms Way <11414150173@xxxxxxxxxx>
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> Datum: 3. 3. 2014 3:12:47
> Předmět: [cryptome] safety ahead
>     ... from a mail footer:
>     Avoid having your e-mail with ISPs, who are on the list of fraudulent
>     and/or notorious mail interceptors and trackers like verizon, aol,
>     yahoo,
>     msn, hotmail, gmail, gmx, etc. The owner of now shut Lavabit[dot]com,
>     Levison said: "... I would strongly recommend against anyone
>     trusting their
>     private data to a company with physical ties to the United States
>     of America."
>     *Get a safe e-mail with secure chat free-of-charge:*
>     https://unseen.is/ecoterra*
>     (10% on Premium). *Check also www.flokiNET.is
>     <http://www.flokiNET.is>  for safe hosting on Iceland.
>     *Please
>     see**http://thesimplecomputer.info/free-webmail-for-better-privacy/**
>     **for an updated list of recommendations **as well as:
>     **http://prxbx.com/email/
>     ***To the deaf still on yahoo/gmail etc.: Use at
>     leasthttp://www.mailvelope.com/
>     Stop searching with Google - www.Startpage.com
>     <https://www.startpage.com> - delivers 100% Google
>     results in total privacy and www.Ixquick.com
>     <https://www.ixquick.com> - delivers 100% private results
>     from other search engines.
>     Ad-mails (spạm or UBE/UCE) are terrible, but don't use ISP- or
>     web-based
>     filters, since you never know their criteria. Stay in control and
>     install the
>     anti-virus, anti-spạm and firewall yourself - they are unfortunately
>     necessary in these days - and maintain them yourself on your system!
>     If you are forced to install pre-filtering then choose a service like
>     http://www.junkemailfilter.com/ who guarantees your mail safety,
>     supports the EFF and the work of progressive, non-profit NGOs.
>     -- 
>     We have nothing to hide, but something to protect: LIBERATION & FREEDOM

We have nothing to hide, but something to protect: LIBERATION & FREEDOM

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