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Duncan Cambell is one of the few journalists superbly gifted
in science, technology and informed analysis. He has a degree
in nuclear physics, his mom reportedly a long-time employee
of a UK spy agency, which must have led to great dinner
convos when he and two other youngsters were prosecuted
in 1978 for violating the OSA, and found innocent (she was
an enthusiastic supporter):


Duncan introduced Cryptome in 1996 to 5-Eyes Echelon,
Nicky Hager, Mike Frost, Perry Fellwock (outed NSA in 1974),
and their bountiful reports on global surveillance in the 1980s
and 1990s.

Summary of their digging into secrets without benefit of leak
and fixed slot machines, their voluminous and generous hard
work done back then that led to today's dribbling parsimonious
and niggardly news:


Duncan had a long email exchange with Microsoft in 2000 about
the so-called NSA_key which allegedly allowed covert access to
MS products:


And, Germany knew about 5-eyes spying in 2000:


What Duncan and these master researchers could do with the
Snowden pile can only be dreamed about, unless, we pray,
the pile has been shared with them (rumors they have helped
WL). Certainly they could outdo the The Guardian (Campbell
reports there occasionally), New York Times, Der Spiegel,
WaPo, WSJ, et al lightweight poseurs.

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Some more gory details, several images.


How embassy eavesdropping works

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