[cryptome] Re: first reference to "data diodes" in NSA documents or leaks

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What did I say that was crap?  A data diode needs to be part of a hardware and 
a software configuration for it to work, it requires electrical energy too. A 
data diode needs a filtering network...why does it need filtering? 


  The question was about the appearance of the phrase data diodes being used in 
NSA documents.  The reference to data diodes in those documents, as I 
understand it was to do with using secure software to allow one way 
communication between a higher and lower level, without the other system being 
able to compromise the higher level of security, part of the  hardware 
configuration contained a data diode.  A diode, after all is a rectifier...goes 
back to the cats whisker and the original germanium diode.


If one were to connect one end of a diode, data or otherwise and not connect 
the other end to something else, leave it hanging in mid-air, so to speak...or 
even in a vacuum...then no communication would take place, no current would 
flow, no exchange would take place, data or electrons, protons etc.  In other 
words, nuffink, zero, zilch, would happen...though an electrical potential may 
be measured across both ends of the diode, or between either side of the diode 
and an earth; by the introduction of a measuring instrument.  Ipso facto, by 
connecting both ends of the diode, current flows, an exchange takes place due 
to a change in voltage pressure.  Data of course in the system, may not flow 
back, though it may flow forth, because it is filtered...What have I said that 
is wrong?

See url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unidirectional_network

And: http://www.owlcti.com/dualdiode_technology.html


Douglas Rankine.


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Cut the crap.


Here is information about the "data diode" as provided by the vendor: 

Anti "Lawfull interception" researchers claim that the vendor is part of the 
Dutch intelligence laundry carousel. 

The Snowdend dox  and public resources state that the founder of the firm used 
to be responsible for all the inhouse development at the AIVD.

( Dutch non-militairy intelligence )
When Fox-IT was found, AIVD inhouse development dropped to 0.

These days however, Fox-IT claims to no longer do "Lawfull interception" while 
a group of journalists, hackers & politicians are still trying to prosecute 

/Samir Allioui


2014-08-06 22:05 GMT+02:00 Douglas Rankine <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Depends on whether you believe in current electron theory or voltage theory...a 
diode is merely a transistor without a third input node.  There is always an 
overlap and, depending on the molecular construction and the chemical elements 
used , and the polarity and pressure of the voltage and the direction of the 
current; gives different biases and trigger points.  Many years ago a scientist 
from IBM put  the three letters IBM onto a molecule...won a Nobel Prize for it. 
Some people don’t  believe it  happened...after all electron microscopes at the 
nano level are mere figments of the quantum theorist’s imagination.


That’s the trouble with belief...having faith is not quite the same as knowing 
the truth sometimes, in fact it acts as a blind, double or multiple...like 
spies...and there are many truths...Here is a really big question...The Big 
Bang Theory...or the Damp Squib theory...What happens when an irresistible 
force meets an immovable object? Answer that one and you will get a Nobel 
Prize...plus lots of spondoolix.

“Science is merely the record of dead religions” Oscar Wilde in Philosophies 
for the Young”....




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Electronically a diode only allows current to only flow one way.....is that 
good enough for a bonus point?



On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 8:31 PM, coderman <coderman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

i am trying to find the first reference to "data diodes" in any NSA
documents or leaks.

bonus points for background on where this technical structure
originated and why :)

best regards,



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