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  • Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2015 16:49:52 +0000

Hi Andrew,

Not so much paper but digital these days, I would have thought...:-) . As Redmond says, they would have just flown them over, after training the pilots in the US or in Egypt, how to fly them and use the new software. (That is if it all works of course, there appears to be a history of the software and hardware not only being expensive but unreliable). Of course, there are some countries who would notice, the ubiquitous spies and their satellites, but they would probably just take note, set up a watch and ward record what was going on in case they needed to know in the future, or reveal all when the "correct" political situation presented itself...i.e. something which weighed up the advantages versus the disadvantages.

  After all, we had the Iran Contra deception in 1984 see url:

Interesting to read that one, shows how a project takes on an entrope of its own, when it isn't properly accounted for, like rendition and torture and funding of terrorist movements in the name of liberation.

The Iran/Contra project was hidden for a while...These secrets always get discovered, no matter how clever the perpetrators are. Why? Because there are always victims and their families who suffer on the ground, part of the collateral damage...who ask questions, want justice, as well as other actors on the world stage who have got an interest in what every one else is doing...and the spies of course...the patriots...I think that was around the time that Reagan gave the nuclear facilities to Iran...I dare say he didn't tell Israel...no need to know, being the principle...Nuffink better than compartmentalised secret information...eh...:-) .

Also interesting was how Israel played a role in the Iran/Contra Affair, helping to get arms to Iran. Maybe they helped transport the nuclear power station, thinking it was a box of grenades...:-) Mind you, the Iran/Iraq War was being conducted at the time... Old Arab saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"...

I don't think that there would be a problem regarding Egypt getting its military aid and materials from the US, especially now that it has an elected military dictatorship and the Muslim Brotherhood is contained, and help is being given to prevent the Palestinians getting arms through the tunnels from Egypt to Palestine.

Obama would be silly not to...And, if he isn't, the Republicans may very well win the next elections and that will change US foreign policy quite drastically, I should think...

On 24/02/15 18:31, Andrew Hornback wrote:

I would think that ITAR would apply for any export of weaponry (or anything else on the USML) to another country or foreign national. So, there would be a paper trail, but that would need to be followed.

Also, I'm not sure how one would get, say, 16 F-16s to the Middle East. The logistics for air to air re-fueling and risks involved in that kind of operation can get expensive for a straight transit from CONUS. Tear 'em down and crate 'em up for a freighter? I imagine that would work in some instances, especially with a vehicle like an Apache which has a much shorter range.

The other option would be to "hop and skip" across... say US to Greenland to UK to Turkey or something along those lines. I really hadn't though about it. But, since the aid packages generally include training for flight crews, etc... it would make sense to fly the trainees over, train them here and let them fly their new toys back.

Still, JP5 doesn't come from nowhere and anytime those birds have to land, there's going to be at least one tower (military or not) with knowledge of that operation.

For smaller items like Stingers, AR-15s, etc - those could go any number of ways for their "fantastic voyage"...

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On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 8:07 AM, doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi Andrew,
    You mean there are limits on US foreign policy and practice? :-) .
     Don't they have the facilities to do it anyway...but just do i in
    secret?  The US money supply to Egypt may have been turned off
    temporarily, but how do we know that the replenishment of their
    war materials have as well?

    On 22/02/15 20:14, Andrew Hornback wrote:
    Those units would have been left in storage until either a) Egypt
    paid for them themselves - and only as long as there were no
    export restrictions on sending that kind of materiel at the time
    or b) the funding for the program was re-instated and delivery
    was made.

    --- A

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