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Hi Andrew,
You mean there are limits on US foreign policy and practice? :-) .
Don't they have the facilities to do it anyway...but just do i in secret? The US money supply to Egypt may have been turned off temporarily, but how do we know that the replenishment of their war materials have as well?

On 22/02/15 20:14, Andrew Hornback wrote:
Those units would have been left in storage until either a) Egypt paid for them themselves - and only as long as there were no export restrictions on sending that kind of materiel at the time or b) the funding for the program was re-instated and delivery was made.

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On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 12:27 PM, jpp <johnp@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:johnp@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    The money for the F-35's comes from the US in a bill which
    restricts the use of that money to military purchases from US
    contractors.  Yes, you could starve to death watching new F-35's
    fly, unless the food dispensing machine accepted F-35 nuts and

    What is really unique, and somewhat mind-boggling for US
    taxpayers, is the way foreign military is funded.  When Israel and
    Egypt receive an annual military stipend from the US, they can
    contract with a US industry. For the more expensive items which
    take multiple years to build and deliver, the US government
    assumes liability to "cover" multiple year programs.
    If Congress or the President chose to terminate the military
    streams, the subsequent years payments due the contractors are
    absorbed by the tax-payers. With Egypt, this almost happened for
    F-16 purchases.
    What would have happened if the military funds were NOT restored
    to Egypt, would have resulted in some 25 or so F-16's, in the
    configuration Egypt wanted, would have been built.
    The probability would have been that they would be then sent to
    Davis-Monthan , the bone yard.

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