[cryptome] Re: [cryptome] Re: [cryptome] Israel to get 14 F-35 Stealth Fighters from USA: Cost £2.2billion

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  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2015 12:54:03 +0000

Hi jpp,
Tx for the info...I didn't quite know how it was done in the US. The UK government, along with most advanced capitalist governments, also dispenses foreign military aid which tends to be contractually based on the purchasing of military products, resources and materiels from the fund providing country. Such a policy helps to provide jollies for the defence industry and employ workers in the home country.

Our government was quite prepared to make available £800 million for funding and resources for Syrian "Freedom Fighters", a couple of years back; these freedom fighters were to be all positively vetted of course to make sure that they weren't supporters of Al Quaeda. Luckily, Parliament knocked it on the head...after a lot of protests from the people, and the Turkish government who were a bit concerned about not getting any of the money and the trained and armed freedom fighters turning against them; though it is now back on the agenda again, this time to fight ISIS. I dare say that if the money is granted, some of it will find its way from the Syrian Freedom Fighters to the Al Quaeda lot.

£800 million would provide a lot of new doctors for the National Health Service, and get rid of the 3 week waiting list, or fill a lot of potholes, or renew the fabric of the schools; but it seems that helping terrorists is more important, for most of our political parties...

And austerity appears to be highly selective in its application...:-) .

 On 22/02/15 17:27, jpp wrote:
The money for the F-35's comes from the US in a bill which restricts the use of that money to military purchases from US contractors. Yes, you could starve to death watching new F-35's fly, unless the food dispensing machine accepted F-35 nuts and washers.

What is really unique, and somewhat mind-boggling for US taxpayers, is the way foreign military is funded. When Israel and Egypt receive an annual military stipend from the US, they can contract with a US industry. For the more expensive items which take multiple years to build and deliver, the US government assumes liability to "cover" multiple year programs. If Congress or the President chose to terminate the military streams, the subsequent years payments due the contractors are absorbed by the tax-payers. With Egypt, this almost happened for F-16 purchases. What would have happened if the military funds were NOT restored to Egypt, would have resulted in some 25 or so F-16's, in the configuration Egypt wanted, would have been built. The probability would have been that they would be then sent to Davis-Monthan , the bone yard.

On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 10:53 AM, doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    Israel is purchasing another 17 stealth fighters as part of a $2.2
    billion package of aircraft and associated materiels.  Yet, in the
    national election which takes place on March 15th, the ruling
    political party is claiming that it can't afford to spend money on
    better welfare, education and housing for its population, both
    Arabs and Jewish people.

    Funny ole world...we get the same propaganda from our own
    politicians and their parties here in the UK.  We can't afford to
    pay for doctors even though us pensioners have to wait 3 weeks for
    an appointment to see a doctor at our local surgery...and it is
    getting worse, happening all over the country.  The politicians of
    our two main political parties both agree that more austerity is
    required as public expenditure needs to be cut further, to pay off
    the debts caused by the banksters.

      Austerity versus armaments.  Who are they going to use them on...

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