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> Interesting article on the NSA’s Tailored Operations Office (TAO)
> http://militarywritersassociation.wordpress.com/

Just to complete this discussion:

| As it turns out, while the NSA was remarkably good at violating the
| innermost thoughts and feelings of Americans, it was remarkably poor
| at finding actual threats to the US. A White House panel, convened in
| the wake of Snowden's leaks this week, was forced to admit that
| massive NSA spying had not produced evidence revealing even a single
| terrorist plot against the country. The spectre of terrorism had been
| used as a bludgeon to compel Americans to give up every last shred of
| their privacy. But incredibly, upon finding nothing, the government
| simply kept prying further still. One intelligence official, who was
| on the White House's panel, made this incredible admission: “It flies
| in the face of everything that they have tossed at us.” The American
| people could easily be forgiven for feeling the same way.
| So what was the NSA doing for all these years if not finding terrorists?
| What were those billions of dollars being spent on? It turns out they
| were bulk collecting domestic phone records, online searches, emails,
| videos and voice chats. Not satisfied with this Orwellian level of
| invasiveness, NSA agents were even found to be infiltrating video game
| communities and developing techniques to blackmail individuals with
| their online pornography usage. Throughout all this, they found nothing
| about terrorism. The entire planet was placed into a panopticon, only to
| reveal that the omniscient threat of dangerous terrorism was in fact
| largely a middling lie. To paraphrase the writer Jonathan Schwarz: The
| Snowden leaks mainly revealed that the US has so few threats the NSA
| could just waste endless amounts of time and money. 

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