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Hi Shaun,

Meandering shows strength of focus or senility and is generally a sign of old age, or a politician in a fix...:-). A common problem for us in the western world, where the population is ageing...and the politicians are becoming boring singing the old songs over and over again.

Democracy is a phrase which gets bandied about as if the users have a common definition of what it means in some kind of objective way, invented by Greeks in Athens who differentiated between citizens and slaves and who got to own property and vote. In the same way Privacy is a dead duck, especially the more one uses electronic and digital forms of communication, whether one uses TOR or encryption or some "secure" email software. Privacy and the right to it, if there is one, isn't just about pounds shillings and pence or dollars. It is about discovery of more and more about an individual's private affairs, his networks, friends, associates, colleagues and comrades, his activities, emotions, motivations; so that it can be collated, analysed, statistically patterned and use made from it for many different reasons. It can be used by Amazon in the future, for instance to predict what one will purchase next, before ones purchase it, instead of receiving adverts for stuff one has already bought. It can help governments to predict patterns in social behaviour through statistically analysing social networks, as well as for prevention of crime, or for catching revolution or revolutionaries or terrorists and terrorist attacks, just to mention a few. It can help to establish psychological patterns in an individual and what motivates him or her, as part of a bigger picture. It can exclude people from a crime, either through prevention, being aware, or by the technology placing them somewhere else when the crime was committed.

There are the bad bits, of course, the dark side, the other side of the bitcoin, where the state or large corporations and institutions, can use it to hide things or facts or policies, or frame people, or to pervert, to subvert, to subdue or pursue the population, or an individual. e.g. (All the large companies will leave Scotland if they vote to leave the UK. What will the Scots do without the English pound...and so on).

Such stratagems and tactics have been used on the planet ever since life evolved, even bacteria and viruses, plants and animals practice the art of deception. Speaking for myself, I have practiced the art of deception many times, especially in my youth. Nice clean teeth, a bath, deoderant in the appropriate places, a haircut, the wearing of my best suit and a collar and tie, practising the best lines to use for satiating my desires or aspirations:In my youth, when I went out on a date...though by the time it came to the nightime sojourn, it was more difficult to disguise my wooden leg, my hearing aid, my blind eye, my pacemaker (cor they don't half make a noise when one becomes excited) and various other disabilities...but it all came right in the end...I am still here.

After reading Aldridges book on GCHQ. I would strongly recommend it to those of you who are interesting in learning about such things, particularly those of you who are in your sunshine years. He has collated a very good history of the activities of the organisation, its roots and development, its financing and name changes over the years. Its international relationships, particularly with the USA, its personnel. Many of those activities I had forgotten.

I remember trying to explain to my next door neighbour, way back the 1960s what they were up to, only to be met with askance disbelief, laughter and accusations of paranoia. We did know some of it then, and they were in denial then too. It was like that in those days, especially for a young communist like myself. Our society just did not do those things...and we won the second world war, and democracy meant the Beatles and hippies and flower power...and it was those dirty, scheming commies wot were causing the problems of the world. Vietnam was bringing democracy to its knees through subversion, and its people just wouldn't accept the American way of life, and they couldn't understand why they chose the American way of death.

Communism meant abundance and freedom to me in those days, the removal of the state, through the dictatorship of the proletariat. It all comes back now... Quite laughable nowadays, when I think on it, my own stupidity and belief systems as well as those of others. Fancy trying to recruit members to the young communist league in the middle of the Cold War...:-). We certainly live in a different world today.

On 01/10/14 15:40, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
Just goes to show that "democracy" is weighed in terms of pounds, shillings (oh we don#'t have that any more oops!!!) and pence.. Justice as you rightly point out. is largely a myth and certainly the trend towards closed court hearings is on the up especially for"minor" crimes. i emphasise "minor" because those little misdemeanour's get recorded. archived and made available to prospective employers on the nod. Perhaps the biggest irony is that there is one side saying that privacy is being championed by more organizations as they see the implications of misuse or misappropriation of private data and on the other hand there are organizations (probably the very organizatrins that are"championing the cause of privacy") that are falling over themselves to equip governemtns world over with the necessary resources to pick out any individual anywhere in the world almost irrespective of any security measures that individual or organization is taking in order to protect themselves from unwarrented survailance.

As things stand right now the world is on a knife edgem one slight shift in policy could make a huge difference between benign use of intelligence gathering capability and malign use. of course this has been the case for some time.

one thing is certain ,
every major war has one tell-tale hallmark, there has always been at least one country that has used mass surveillance to control the masses or particular sections of the population. The question now is, who will be the one to press the dreaded button? the US, or China?

Lugging bags of potatoes around is far more preferable than logging body bags around i would say.

ps yup i know i meandered a bit but then, i always meander.


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