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  • From: doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2014 14:07:26 +0100

Hi Shaun,
The problem with this data protection business in the E.C. and the rest of the world is that the discussion has been going on for years, and as it goes along it just appears more and more irrelevant to me. Why? Because nothing is mentioned about controlling the intelligence services and other information gatherers who collect stuff in secret. Nothing is mentioned about the role of individual states and their privacy practices. Nothing is ever mentioned about all those big data collection warehouses situated near telephone cables, fibre optics stuff, satellite and wireless communications. Nothing is ever mentioned about oversight, and nothing is ever mentioned about educating the public into being more secure. There is still an attitude that private data is worth nothing, so when it is compromised, any value derived from it goes in compensation to the banks or other financial institutions. So, in my view, the whole debate becomes a bit pointless. Of course the "big yins" are going to consult with one another. And those who have the greatest economic and political clout will dictate the terms. The USA is, at the moment the big gun of the world, but in a few years time, it will be left behind by the Chinese, the Indians and the Russians. They will then become the new class, the new countries, the new governments which dictate the terms of world trade, war, technological and scientific advancement. Which would I rather have...none of them...but nobody is going to grant me that favour are they?

I was watching some stuff on 9/11 the other evening...and thinking how much my life had changed since then. Not a lot, is the answer. Over the years, our legal rights have been removed to be replaced by some other stuff called pseudo rights. These are rights which exist in the abstract, but when it comes to enforcing them they disappear into the mist, either because they cost a lot to employ lawyers, legal aid having disappeared in civil cases and which is now disappearing in all but the most exceptional criminal cases, or because people don't have the necessary skills and wherewithalls to protect and enforce their so-called rights. There is always some government, institution, civil servant or what have you, who comes along, doesn't like what is being said, and even though it is not illegal, but is disagreeable for no other reason than it isn't their opinion, wants to ban it, ban the person, or ban the organisation. Every time a problem comes up, the governments say, "Ah! We must legislate and control it". To the point that we have thousands of laws in the statute books, as well as in the common law, which are never enforced, or but rarely, but are just waiting for a lovely fascist or dictatorial government to come along and put them into operation. Then we will really have the secret courts, the secret evidence, the secret sentencing, secret detentions and secret executions and secret coroners courts, happening all over the world.

I have tried reading up on this new trading agreement being drawn up between the USA and the E.U. TIPPS or summat...And I can't find any clauses which says that the USA is going to take over Europe, any more than it has done or is doing now. The NHS here in the UK and over Europe is already vanishing, or being privatised, just as the security services are, and it wouldn't surprise me if they privatise the armed forces next, and soldiers, sailors and airmen will get bonuses on the amount of collateral damage they cause and people they kill.

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now here IS something to fill those potato bags with....


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