[cryptome] White House: Hunkey Dorey

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According to President Trump, the White House has never been happier. Apparently everything is going to plan, the new government administration has been selected and is being put to work, all of the executive posts of government have been filled with the President's men, and he has reached a zenith in his international relations, particularly in the Cold Front he presented to the forces of world climate change and global warming (did you folks know that, according to the geologists, we are in the middle of the 5th Ice Age) and his relationships with our Russian colleagues, in particular, Mr. Putin and some of his lawyers is progressing at a fast rate, with deals being made ready over Syria. His large family and many of his relations too are becoming welcome members of his Presidential entourage, particularly in advisory roles, and sussing out how the land lies, as well as him, and, they have certainly learned how to keep their mouths shut and their actions discreet, which is why he is congratulating them so much in the press and encouraging them to keep their chins up.

Moves to impeach him for his alleged Russian venture, really aren't working. The "House of Cards" Series number 5, theme and plot is all very well, but it is working and not working to a treat, a mixed American blessing, shall we say; and we all know how Donald is influenced by the entertainment industry, having played a large and very popular role in it himself, so Hollywood themes in themselves must be of some interest of his, and he is, of course, exceptionally creative, along with CNN. Most of the media seem to be lost more in trivial details of his life and his role as President, and that of his family, than they are in the stuff in which the voters, particularly those who voted for him and were won over by his message hook, line and sinker. His various bankruptcies, his various businesses, his tax payments, his past and present associates apparently, are really quite boring, and therefore newsworthy. The Godfather series is not just fake news, these days, but old news, and not worth bothering about.

Whether this all be true of course, is open to question, but I do notice that many executive posts in the administration haven't been filled, particularly lower down in the administration. The question which I wish to pose to our colleagues, is, is this a deliberate ploy, all part of his longer term plans, on the basis that the smaller government is then the less the criticism and the more room for manoeuvre his executive team has in consolidating its power and winning over the views of his international and national colleagues on the basis of bypassing the necessary controls and regulations of government, which are there in the interests of the American people as a whole, and helping the corporate sector in terms of handing out large government contracts and other services under the name of pork barrels?

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