[cryptome] Re: What Is Good Encryption Software?

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2014 09:23:58 -0600

Try the free Cryptology MOOC for a better understanding of algorithms:

Ask yourself if your hardware and operating systems are secure. Computers, routers, etc. Even the best encryption software won't do much good if it is used on compressible machines and networks.

All anyone can hope for is 'pretty good privacy'. "PGP" was a well chosen name - it wasn't 'Certain Privacy.' Maybe you can protect yourself from friends, neighbors, co-workers, employers, but I don't see how anyone can be assured of protection for the big guys like NSA.

At my age, I'm resolved to living in the Panopticon where almost everything is likely to become visible. I wish the privacy seekers well, and think some may find a modicum of success. I believe technology is too complicated for us ever to be certain that privacy and encryption will be effective.

Check with the EFF online for useful software tools and scripts. https://www.eff.org/ The Guardian online has some tools available too. But beware: even if the tools and encryption are perfect, the technology and machines we all use are the Achilles heel.

Most useful security link for the average person: https://www.schneier.com/


On 11/28/2014 7:25 AM, John Young wrote:
Reader asks: What Is Good Encryption Software?


I have contacted you asking about certain security questions.
After reading a few of the Snowden leaked documents, I have
started to be more aware of my privacy being at risk. I have a
few questions concerning certain programs and safety tips.

First, I've recently started to doubt about my encryption software.
Is Symantec's "PGP Endpoint" a good hard drive encryption software?

In other words, is it trustworthy since it is an American company.
And if not, what encryption software is the best for Mac.

Second, is "ProtonMail" as secure as they say it is? If not, what
email provider doesen't let the NSA see into my account.

Third, is Jetico inc's "Bestcrypt Container Encryption" trustworthy?
If not, what could be an alternative.

Fourth, are these encryption types good? Blowfish, Gost & AES - 256bit.
And which encryption type remains the best above all?

Last, is Kaspersky a good anti-virus software? If not, which one is the
best for Mac.


Important, difficult questions, likely to produce a range of answers.
We will publish for answers.

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