[cryptome] Re: Washington Post/Associated Press/Russia says that Skripal Poison samples were BZ Nerve Agent and Agent A234

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Another peril of these Interwebs: I was mostly posing a rhetorical question, and pointing out the feeling of futility when surrounded by unrelenting hypocrisy and deceit. But I always enjoy your replies, and appreciate them.

We can and must do only just what you describe: we must investigate for ourselves to excavate the truth. The actual truth, which I believe does exist in every situation even if it is more 'shades of grey' than 'black and white'. If we lose sight of that fact and become so disillusioned with the constant barrage of propaganda and deceit that we give up - or, worse, begin to believe this reality shit-show which they are forcing upon us is somehow 'normal' - what chance does civil society have? Reason, science and civil discourse must prevail.

As with almost all situations, finding out who ultimately benefits and following the money is one place to start. The waters are certainly muddied when individuals seemingly devoid of scruples and lacking a moral or ethical compass join forces, but the money is always their weakness. It's ultimately what brings most of them down, coupled with megalomaniacal grabs at power.

It's our right and our duty to speak truth to power and hold these jerks accountable. To borrow a phrase, I can do no other. I just don't post about it on social media ;)

(As an aside: I haven't trafficked in heaven nor hell since about the age of nine. Luckily my bullshit detector kicked in rather early.)


On April 17, 2018 2:21:32 AM Douglas Rankine <douglasrankine@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Shelley,

That is exactly the problem. Why is the information kept secret, classified or confidential? Who is keeping it secret and why and for what purpose?What are the motives and reasons and intentions for doing so. Contrast that with the loss of the privacy of the individual and their data...And most importantly of all... how do we get important information declassified... and develop habits amongst the ruling elites of making it open source in the first place.

Until then, we are all prisoners of propaganda, false flags and deception. The best one can do is not to believe anything these fantasists say and do ones own research, become a forensic political detective and scientist and never trust politicians and governments until such time as you are satisfied that you are getting some semblance of the truth. Goodness knows how many times in my life I have become misled, as much through my own fault or mistakes or confusions as that of others. The temptation of wanting to believe when the facts demand the opposite is very seductive, a honey trap in itself. Its called free thinking, and confusion and testing and making mistakes is part of the learning. The quest for truth is not an easy task, there are so many of them.

John Young at cryptome and many others have been banging on for years about how f*cked up the internet is becoming. That is one of the reasons he created cryptome, warts and all. The virtual reality of the internet appears to be getting taken over by fantasisers, liars, deceivers and snake oilers and general nitwits. I personally check out what I can, go to original sources where possible trying to check out the facts and the twists and distortions in the reportage so that I can make up my own mind, but even the universities and research establishments are riven by ulterior motives other than research, from government funding to protecting their copyright. And there is so much disinformation that a person on their own cant keep up with it all.

Lobbyists and cultural heritage organisations, charities and philanthropics and other NGOs provide the soft power to back up the hard power of the most powerful nation states.

The intelligence agencies are of no help either, joining in on the game with their massive resources and power, the result of their interference being confusion of the masses, and more importantly themselves! Rarely do they predict anything of value or substance apart from when it comes to gearing up their own case for extra funding or legal and political power.

It is a strange paradox that we now live in a world where great numbers of the worlds' citizens have access to a wonderful world wide learning and knowledge resource only to be befuddled, bemused and deceived by organisations and people paid to deliberately lie, distort and deceive and misrepresent or sell bum goods and services; either because they are following the utopian dream of the perfect society or following the money and quest for absolute control and power through international corporate governance. Their quest knows no bounds.

Chemicals of all kinds rule the roost, from alcohol and other hallucinatory drugs to plastic and rare elements to other nerve gases and agents. Consumption and instant gratification have become the norm. Far more important than establishing truth...whatever that is...😉

Sorry but I don't have any easy answers. That's the way of the world...tough though it may be...and my feeling is that it is going to get even more diverse as we go along.

Still it makes life so much more interesting, far better than living in the infinities of heaven or hell...don't you think😁🤔

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Subject: [cryptome] Re: Washington Post/Associated Press/Russia says that Skripal Poison samples were BZ Nerve Agent and Agent A234

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018, at 2:44 PM, Douglas Rankine wrote:

The OPCW’s report confirmed British findings that the Skripals were poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent, but didn’t say who was responsible.

Britain [*and the US*] has accused Russia of poisoning them with a Soviet-designed agent, an accusation that Moscow denies.

Lavrov said the document indicated that the samples from Salisbury contained BZ nerve agent and its precursor. He said BZ was part of chemical arsenals of the U.S., Britain and other NATO countries, while the Soviet Union and Russia never developed the agent.

So, what to do... whom to believe? All leaders of the countries involved are noted propagandists and liars. We have a former KGB agent, dictator-wannabe and well known liar; an idiot man-toddler trying to cover up his alleged philandering and criminal obstruction and certainly a well known liar; and T. May and B. Johnson rounding out the pack - need I say more? Not an entire backbone could be constructed betwixt them all. Nary a scruple to be found. Alternative facts (read: lies) and self-serving mounds of bullshit abound.

What is the average citizen to do when choosing which lie to believe. What is to be done to help the people suffering most because of these idiots' games? Cui bono, indeed.

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