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                                VV Guerilla posted: "It was Thursday night, I 
just finished doing a show on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report with Steve Quayle. I 
went back into my house and certain anomalies and policy decisions were 
bothering me.  I opened up one of my data books in my collection that hold"     


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by VV Guerilla
                                        It was Thursday night, I just finished 
doing a show on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report with Steve Quayle. I went back 
into my house and certain anomalies and policy decisions were bothering me.  I 
opened up one of my data books in my collection that holds records of various 
economic crashes through out the ages. Scanning through the pages "IT" hit me 
like a ton of BRICS (pun intended).
Folks there is a reason that the entire western banking system (this includes 
Japan) is engaging in a full blown currency war. I have repeatedly stated that 
a currency war is nothing but a race to the bottom in which no one wins. In 
today's global economy where hundreds of nations are facing a shrinking GDPs, 
the money that is out there is fighting for an ever modest piece of the profit 
In 2008 directly after the crash, America began on a road of debasing it's 
currency. This prompted every other economic power in the world to do the same 
in order to stay competitive on trade.  May wrote this off as a reaction to an 
economic debacle that was caused by the popping of the sub-prime bubble.  
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Do you think that the entire global economy was brought down because of a few 
bad loans to people who could not afford them? Of course not! The issue is much 
deeper, we and pretty much the rest of the world following our lead have been 
in a pure fiat experiment over the last forty years or so.
With the advent of Brenton Woods and the deals struck by Henry Kissinger with 
the middle eastern nations, what was intended to give the dollar complete 
supremacy in trade and oil, has become an engine of destruction that is 
bringing America to a perpetual economic end.  The banksters knew that fiat is 
temporary that it has an expiration date, that date came on September 2007 when 
the "great recession" began.
What I am now going to state is going to shock you, the reason that every one 
in the west in involved in currency debasement/ currency manipulation is this: 
correctly, the west can no longer pay the piper and now they are going to 
debase their currencies in order to walk away form the debt obligations, making 
it easier for them to pay off their debt.  The chart below shows the debasement 
of the dollar over the last 25 years.

We have also seen that 98% of the dollar's purchasing power has been destroyed 
and I am warning all of you that the remaining 2% is in the process of being 
destroyed. The top 1% have all moved to gold holdings, foreign funds and 
offshore havens. It is the man on the street here in the US that will see his 
wealth destroyed by a sudden surge of hyperinflation, which is what the 
banksters and the politicians want.
Why do you think that Yellen was chosen to replace Ben Bernanke? She is NOT 
bringing fresh ideas to the table or even sound policy. I will tell you this 
from top sources, she is a super Keynesian and will guaranty hyper QE until we 
implode/explode.  We are in default mode hence this is the policy being 
followed by the FED and every other central bank in the world.
For the politicians it allows them to walk away from all of west's debt 
obligations and/or pay them off on the cheap. It allows the banksters their 
century long agenda of having a "serf" class that are so beholden and weighted 
down by debt that they will be the modern indentured servants working in 
tomorrow's sweat shops.
The Japanese are famous for their mantra that "business is war" and finance is 
the ultimate form of warfare. Why nuke a nation when you can nuke them 
financially and bring them to utter subjugation?  Finance allows you to operate 
without the overhead of a military force and without the logistical nightmare 
of an occupation.  Military action happens when financial warfare is NOT 
working. Understand this, since the time of Caesar, wars have only been about 
While we brace ourselves over the coming charade that a looming February debt 
limit will bring yet again. You must understand that the US, the EuroZone, 
Japan and the UK are NOW defaulting together in stealth. The are all highly 
active in Quantitative Easing a euphemism for printing money.  The Ponzi scheme 
is at an end and the vast amount of debt from unfunded liabilities and gambling 
debts (derivatives) simply can NOT be serviced.
DEFAULTING NOW. The Chinese know this that is why they have been dumping our 
treasuries over the course of the past few years. See chart below:

Do you understand that they have made destroying your wealth POLICY?!!! That is 
correct, I have stated that since 2008 over 400,000 pages of regulations have 
been passed to ensure that this destruction happens.  In other words the 
collapse and default are written into law. You should read that again...The 
collapse and default is written into law. So snap out of the dream and enter 
back into the hard reality.
Folks one thing that history has shown is this, currency wars lead to shooting 
wars how the default of America will play out in China and the rest of the 
countries that hold our debt remains to be seen. You must engage NOW in 
activities that will protect your wealth and make the choices to ensure your 
financial health in the greatest transition of wealth in human history. America 
has a date with destiny and I firmly believe that we will NOT miss that date. 
It is a mathematical certainty.
Be Prepared.

                                                                VV Guerilla | 
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