[cryptome] Video 154 Tomhukim submarine fired on Libya when lining 66 SEAL `s goes Crete

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Colleagues, (Translated)

Video 154 Tomhukim submarine fired on Libya when lining 66 SEAL `s goes
Crete ...

Submarine Florida is one of five submarines converted submarines Tomhukim.
It turns out that here in the Mediterranean submarine back and forth
as well this

Not only be carrying 154 Tomahawk missiles but also 66 American commandos

SEAL `s called their equipment. Turns out that she shot here in the
previous round

Tomhukim on Gaddafi. Here when she returns to the shooting on Gaddafi home.

Immediately Pictures aircraft carriers in the Red Sea H"nimitz yesterday "
and treat" Harry Truman "

Both video and picture from one submarine torpedo last Saturday.

All this cluster - If editing locked.

The first picture is of the submarine sister Georgia when it comes to Crete.

-- http://www.flickr.com/photos/32368051@N08/sets/72157635260290856


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