[cryptome] Uses for Raspberry Pi: via Bruce Schnier

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see url: http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/11/meet-poisontap-the-5-tool-that-ransacks-password-protected-computers/

Interesting article I thought, just goes to show the versatility of Raspberry Pi, though it has not been tested on Linux yet...other ways of getting access to one's machine...without being on the internet, and then...when one uses the internet...where does it all go, and one doesn't know anything about it; into one of those lovely secure insecure routers,and the next time one uses the internet it goes straight back to where they are made...in China and the information put up for sale amongst all those big Chinese internet supermarkets to the highest bidder, or anyone else who is interested. Still, what price information, how valuable is my data...my profile, or yours...each to his/her own, I say...:-)



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