[cryptome] US/UK intelligence spies on Israeli Drones

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  • Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2016 14:43:06 +0000

see url: http://www.timesofisrael.com/if-the-us-can-decrypt-vital-idf-transmissions-who-else-can/
see url: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/israeli-owned-drone-manufacturer-shut-down-by-pro-palestine-protesters-10052266.html

Some of the Israeli drones are built by an Israeli company in the UK. The drones are also supplied to the UK. America and the UK work together under 5 eyes. America and Israel share certain intelligence and security information under other arrangements, as does the UK.

The US is/was very concerned about Israel's attitude towards the talks with Iran. The Israelis see the nuclear plant agreement with Iran and the subsequent removal of sanctions as a bigger threat to them than ISIS, ISIL, or IS, and did their best to sabotage the agreement through an active international campaign of diplomacy and lobbying the President and Congress. Netanyahu was invited to Congress and spoke on the subject, gaining their support. He did this without consulting with POTUS, very unusual and to POTUS, unacceptable, but to US Republicans who control the Congress and have a Presidential election coming up, the procedure was too tempting to deny. During the talks the Israelis were flying the drones over Iranian territory to check out what was happening about the nuclear reactor and the experimental and research facilities. There were mutterings in the Israeli Defence establishment and in government, about the need to destroy Iranian facilities. The US was also concerned that an attempt might be made to sabotage the Iranian nuclear facilities and plant by Israel, and that is why they were spying on an Israeli communication systems.

Israel has its own nuclear reactor and research facilities, but has always denied their existence. For the curious, photos of the non-existent nuclear power facility can be found on Google Earth in the middle of the Negev Desert. Being in denial means that the Israeli government are not subject to the International Nuclear-Non Proliferation Treaty, and can therefore conduct any experiments it so wishes, without international inspections being carried out to make sure that such activities are safe. The USA also denies that Israel has nuclear weapons. Also, of course, if Israel were to declare that it had nuclear facilities, it would have to admit to illegality in obtaining them and open them up to inspection and closure.

Iran has now admitted and declared that it has such facilities, and those facilities are now subject to international inspection, and the aquisition and production of certain materials are not allowed and have to be disposed of.
Perhaps Israel should follow suit, or be encouraged by one and all to follow suit?
Then, there would be no reason for spying on their communications system and they might not get spied on by their allies...but there again...who says that there are any conditions, morality and truthfulness in the international spying game...
Doesn't say much for the security of encrypted communications either...and long may it remain so...:-) .C'est la vie...

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