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Dear Colleagues,

There has been some discussion on this mailing list in the past, about the vulnerability of US Electronic Voting Systems and the various ways in which they can be manipulated. Now, the Green Party has decided to challenge the result in three states, and has even raised over 6 million dollars via crowdfunding. My, how the world changes...!!! May I draw your attention to an affidavit submitted to the court in the case for the recount of votes in certain constituencies in the USA...

I personally have always been interested in voting systems, whether it be the concept of first past the post, or proportional representation. They all have their flaws, but today, it is not so much about whether the candidate who wins the election does so on a minority of the votes cast, but whether the votes of the individual constituents have been recorded properly and are verifiable. Election software is cheap, compared with the manual count, but the problem with it is that is so open to manipulation, from various sources and now countries, such as Russia, that the whole outcome is now becoming unpredictable.

I am recommending this paper to you because it is fairly simple to read and very non technical, yet written by someone who knows what he is talking about...not that I consider the subscribers of this mailing list to have simple minds....:-).

See url: https://t.co/b7kZa1KMME

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