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The US government thinks that having different agencies share data, they can
help combat waste fraud and abuse.

Here is an update on attempts to implement this notion:






They are learning about some long standing systemic challenges:

*       Poor system designs
*       Stove-pipe mentality
*       Technical hurdles
*       lack of uniform data standards
*       legal implications 
*       statutory requirements
*       limited coordination between federal, state, and local oversight
*       duplication of efforts


In my opinion, there are some additional nuances which can get in the way of
this lofty goal.

*       Some legislation says THOU SHALT NOT share certain data, which was
collected for one particular purpose.
*       Some data collected for one purpose, may be unsuitable for other
*       US Gov agencies can have error rates of 5-7% which translates to
many millions of people who are inconvenienced when they cannot get their
government to correct their records.
*       There are astronomical thefts from taxpayers, and taxpayer funds,
often partly due to incompetence in government agencies.  For example, one
of the most popular forms of identity theft is for the purpose of obtaining
bogus IRS refunds.  Each year ½ to 1 million US taxpayers are added to the
list of victims, where the IRS seems to be fighting a losing battle.
Apparently it is non-obvious to the IRS that there may be fraud, when
thousands of people are claiming the exact same kind of refund, to go to a
street address which only has room for maybe a dozen residents.
*       technical education, and Internet navigation skills, lacking in
government work force
*       standards organizations exist, and are habitually ignored, leading
to wheels being re-invented to infinity


Recent example of government error rates:  A report, from the National
Employment Law Project, estimates that 1.8 million workers every year are
subjected to FBI background checks that contain incorrect or incomplete


Recent example of government incompetence:



I shared some statistics on government problems in my research notes:



I am losing track of all the problems at the IRS:



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