[cryptome] Re: US World Political Jurisdiction

  • From: In Harms Way <11414150173@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 29 May 2015 21:52:37 +0300

Douglas Rankine wrote on 29/05/2015 16:25:

There are only 800 million people starving in the world today...gone
down a bit apparently, whilst the population of the planet has
increased. Not only do they have little food, or are forced to drink
dirty water, they have no human rights either.
For a moment I thought I could detect some rare human compassion in your
submission, but then I can not close my eyes or ears in front of your
sarcasm and your attempt to post the summaries of the speeches you read
or vids you saw made from the blurbs of Keith Alexander and the likes as
if they would be facts. You've got some more to support the blurred
vision of "we can do nothing" in view of the Almighty USA?

I could leave it at that, because I believe already others here have
sensed it and smile at your paid or unpaid propaganda, but please stop
spreading further confusion: Actually the nation state is the only valid
form of statehood and not the conglomerate "states" (like your divided
Queendom or the Divided (and close to civil war) States of
(North)America with someone called Barry from Kenya pretending on stage
or the unionised, oppressive governances of postWWII colonized Europe,
who all are assembled in the worlds largest criminal organization - the
UN, where not a single true Nation (with the exception of newly
colonized Somalia maybe) is represented.

And to the spooks and spies in here, whom you repeatedly seem to try to
please and sympathize with, be they active or retired, pretending or
just dreaming: Get a life! - there is more to it than the bungled job
"modern" mankind has made of things.

Last but not least: I am not supporting Sepp Blatter, because I believe
him to be an old man with old-man's views and expired ways to deal with
issues at the helm of a gambling circus called football, which has
nothing to do any more with sports of any sorts, but I am happy that the
US-American attempt to squeeze their Permeator Prince into the
international body and working then like a remote-controlled drone in
their interest, didn't work out.

It has been exactly 30 years to the day that your brothers from
Liverpool showed the world that panem et circenses went out of bounds
and the "game which always had to go ahead no matter what" should have
been scraped right there and then.

The last political leader speaking out against the global craziness
called football - Leader Muhammar Ghaddafi - was murdered with MI5 and
SAS help.

We have nothing to hide, but something to protect:
- and the people, whose human rights these are.

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