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Actually, there is no such thing as international law, it is a human invention,
like nation states; an abstract concept...like trying to enforce your rights
in an international court of law. Lawfulness and lawlessness is very much in
the eyes and beliefs of the beholder. There are international treaties,
agreements, standards, which some nation states commit themselves too,
particularly trade, copyright, intellectual property, sharing information,
certain elements of law enforcement etc. but these agreements are by no means
uniform and vary in their enforcement provisions from nothing to being quite
strict, like the European Arrest Warrant and Assange. And in times of war,
even the Geneva Conventions go out the window. Enemy combatants have no rights
either, not even recourse to law.

Obama has been quite clear, that the US will pursue any terrorist or criminal
who is a danger, present, past or future, in whatever country it likes, with or
without the permission of the country concerned, and using armed force and
intervention if necessary. The US has refused to sign up to the International
Court of Human Rights, as it already has all the human rights it needs. (They
also don’t want to be hauled in front of such courts, held to account over
questions like drone killings and invasions, interventions like Bin Laden and
such like, just like Israel doesn’t want to be held to account by the
Palestinian Football team in the court of human rights, or isolated on the
stage at FIFA.)

That is US law at present, you can forget human rights, liberties and all that
bullshit. You could of course, go to live in China, or Russia, or North Korea,
or Saudi Arabia, or under ISIS, or in Iran, or Iraq, or Turkey, or Egypt, or
Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan. India might be the best place. Probably best
to stay where you are. As long as you are happy, can get access to the
internet, are as law abiding as possible, pay your taxes, not hounded by the
state, and surviving, it doesn’t really matter. Just consider how lucky you
are in a neutrino-onic world... J. There are only 800 million people starving
in the world today...gone down a bit apparently, whilst the population of the
planet has increased. Not only do they have little food, or are forced to
drink dirty water, they have no human rights either.



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​Mass surveillance, collection of all communications, storing the data from the
internet of things, sifting and sorting, and selecting, applies everywhere on
the world wide web and the internet...and it is not just the US who are doing
it.it won’t be long before the other major states have caught up...if they
have not already surpassed.

You are right, Doug! Not only the US collect data, but only the US have a
worldwide jurisdiction (that they themselves invented), so they can extradite
you and me at any time they want. And with every cause they want
(terrorism/secret subpoena etc.). And then, throw us to some secret prison

And the case of "Fifa" showed it to all of us once again. (although limited)

So, the problem here is not only the mass surveillance of the US, but the
lawlessness and the permissiveness of the US.


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