[cryptome] Re: US World Political Jurisdiction

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  • Date: Fri, 29 May 2015 12:21:05 +0100

It applies to everyone, not only on this list, or any other list, but to
everyone in the world who is connected to the internet...Mass surveillance,
collection of all communications, storing the data from the internet of things,
sifting and sorting, and selecting, applies everywhere on the world wide web
and the internet...and it is not just the US who are doing it, they are
probably the most advanced, or the ones we know most about; but it won’t be
long before the other major states have caught up...if they have not already
surpassed. How much more aware can I or you, or anyone else be...or how much
more careful? It’s not a question of being careful, the genie is out of the
bottle and there is nuffink you or I can do about it, apart from discuss it.
Give up on freedom of speech? Will that sort it?

We are all equals in that respect, some more equal than others... J. Even
just being on a list and not posting, is no exemption. Now that is an
internet fact... J.



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On the "FIFA CASE", Douglas Rankine wrote some very important words:

As international law develops throughout the world, the power of a global
arrest warrant will increase and its jurisdiction and extent and use will also
increase. One awaits the day when it will be used against Russia, China or
India. Switzerland is a small country and although having many rich and
powerful institutions, is falling far behind the big players on the world
scene. Assange, and wiki leaks and reporters and journalists and whistleblowers
all over the world, beware, this doctrine applies not only to terrorists, child
molesters and criminals. Big brother is not only watching you, but he is
recording your every move, and whenever or wherever you get in his way, he will
get you...

It relates to many people on this list.
Be aware. Or should I say "be careful"?


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