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And now we move on to the world wide political "jurisdiction" of the United
States, and the question of why it is taking on FIFA at this particular time
and the reasons behind it all. I can only advance my own theories, views
and opinions on this, I really don't have any answers, it is more about the
observation of trends and patterns than it is about hard facts or policies.
You are all, of course very welcome to contribute your own views, outlooks
and opinions on this list, and I look forward to reading them.

The fact that there are some members of the FIFA hierarchy who have pleaded
guilty in exchange for turning "Queen's Evidence" as we say in the UK, and
that there has been recordings taken of meetings of the hierarchy over a
period of time, means that there is more to come in this case, probably more
arrests, more revelations, which will be leaked or given in evidence at
particular times, for reasons which aren't purely to do with the law
enforcement of the FBI...

First of all, is this about the FBI acting entirely on its own, fighting for
human rights and justice for footballers, crowd funding and looking after
the poor of the world? Football, is a very tiny sport in the US, with
little effect on the US economy, a drop in the ocean. I doubt it very
much. Foreign policy and short and long term strategy have much more to do
with it.

However, FIFA is a multi billion pound organisation, which rakes in cash
from most of the countries outside of the United States. Soccer is very
popular in the rest of the world. There have been rumours, speculations and
accusations going on for over 20 years about FIFA's accountability and
whether it uses bribery as a part of its marketing strategy. (You can
learn a lot about what is going on, the structure of the organisation, what
are its leading institutions, what they do, who runs them, how they are
elected or appointed and so on, in the court case at the following url: .

Where John has kindly posted the indictment. There is only 166 pages to
read through, most of which I found very interesting and educational, but it
isn't everyone's cup of tea, but reading it helps to avoid making the
mistake of talking out of the back of one's trousers... J.)

I dare say, in a case like this, that consultation has taken place at the
highest level of the US Executive, between the various disparate groups,
administrations and departments of state, both at home and abroad, on how,
where and when this initiative should be carried out, its scope and so on,
as there are many toes which will be trodden on, many sensitivities
disturbed, egos blasted, and, most of all, economic and political costs to
be accounted for. The investigation has obviously been pursued for a number
of years. These discussions will be covered by various secrecy acts and
classified at various levels, and of course, denied. It is purely the FBI
which is responsible for the mounting and conduct of the case, will be the
standard reply to any queries...nuffink to do wif me... J.

Two of the factors which I think are influencing the decision to issue the
international arrest warrants, apart from the law-breaking aspect, are more
to do with Russia and Qatar. Both countries are carrying out policies which
are against US interests, one in the Ukraine and the Middle East,
particularly Syria and Iran, the other supporting financially and giving
safe haven to terrorists, militants, liberationists, freedom fighters, who
are also opposed to US interests.

By mounting the legal attack at this time, the aim must be to disrupt the
election of the President of FIFA, and hopefully to remove him from the
equation, and have him replaced if necessary, by someone who is more
conducive to reversing the apportioning of the World Cup to either Russia or

I dare say that a lot of pressure is also being put upon those international
corporations, US in particular, or those with US connections to threaten to
withdraw their sponsorship. For this to be successful, I dare say too that
the stick and the carrot will be used, to get them to put pressure on the
executive committee, the member associations and the President of FIFA to
turn over a new leaf.

As international law develops throughout the world, the power of a global
arrest warrant will increase and its jurisdiction and extent and use will
also increase. One awaits the day when it will be used against Russia,
China or India. Switzerland is a small country and although having many
rich and powerful institutions, is falling far behind the big players on the
world scene. Assange, and wiki leaks and reporters and journalists and
whistleblowers all over the world, beware, this doctrine applies not only to
terrorists, child molesters and criminals. Big brother is not only watching
you, but he is recording your every move, and whenever or wherever you get
in his way, he will get you... J.

I hope you enjoyed this little, personal sketch of the goings on at FIFA.
These are certainly interesting times. I shall continue to read the
indictment...One never knows what little gems of new information one may
find in there... J.

C'est la vie...:-).



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See url: http://cryptome.org/2015/05/putin-us-fifa-assange-snowden.htm

If you want to avoid US legal jurisdiction over your company business, then
make sure that you conduct your business outside of the USA, hold meetings
outside of the USA, move money outside of the USA and don't use anything
which comes under USA jurisdiction. It also helps if you conduct your
business within the law too...then the chances of the state leaving you
alone, increases... J.




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