[cryptome] Re: US Holds up arms shipments to Egypt. Stops future orders

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  • Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 11:08:12 -0700

On March 13, 2015 10:34:08 AM "Douglas Rankine" <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

See url:

Or tiny url: http://tinyurl.com/mfgt3q7

(I hope I got it right this time)...

Yay, no tracking :)

I didn't know that the US had resumed military aid to Egypt.   Didn't I read
somewhere that the US does not support dictatorships or military coups?  On
the other hand the present Egyptian government was elected, as was its
President...so doesn't that make it a democracy?  The world of the US is
just full of contradictions... J

Do not question The Corporation. They know what's best (for them and their corporate sponsors). Their contradictions and corruptions are really just exceptional exceptionalisms.

Have a great day over there in the UKUSA ;)


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