[cryptome] Re: UK To Ban Crypto In Devices, Email And More

  • From: Michael Shelton <iao.ms88@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 09:22:14 -1000

Dear Sir,
The piece this morning is
truly well written and thought
As with so many facets of our modern civilization the
issue of a reasonable amount
of privacy becomes one where
we are given the illusion of
having all these choices.
When in fact it is all a scam.
Paying more for encryption
software is not truly more
effective, it just costs more.
The fears and worries are
exploited to make more £ or
This illusion of protection is
obviously worth whatever the
market will bear.....
Vigilant,and in that spirit I remain,Iao
On Nov 3, 2015 8:19 AM, "John Young" <jya@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Excellent development if the bill is enacted. Should shatter the
of crypto advocates and foster other means and methods now getting
short shrift due to the faith in crypto hyping and marketing -- and tons of
excuses why crypto has not been as effective as foreordained, blame
users, blame implementation, blame standards committees, blame spies,
blame legislators, blame certificate authorities, blame hardware, blame
insiders and outsiders, blame amateurs, blame backdoors, blame
venal marketers who sold out to authorities, blame duat hatters working
both sides of the porous divide, blame open and closed source, the
pile of excuses grows exponentially as money is heaped onto the
fire for burning through faster and faster. NSA has at least 191 colleges
on the take for information assurance studies, with more joining daily
to get while the getting is good, sending graduates to corporations,
institutes, NGOs, hack world, leak world, defy authority world as
evidenced here in this sacred site of tipped gravestones to cipher

At 12:27 PM 11/3/2015, you wrote:


Internet firms to be banned from offering unbreakable encryption under
new laws

3:16PM GMT 02 Nov 2015

Internet and social media companies will be banned from putting
customer communications beyond their own reach under new laws to be
unveiled on Wednesday.
Companies such as Apple, Google and others will no longer be able to
offer encryption so advanced that even they cannot decipher it when
asked to, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.
Measures in the Investigatory Powers Bill will place in law a
requirement on tech firms and service providers to be able to provide
unencrypted communications to the police or spy agencies if requested
through a warrant.

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