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Cheers John... saves me a bit of time... :-). (though the UK involvement will be found at P.61)...all that stuff you are putting on Cryptome...I cannot keep up with it. We need different people on this list to read different bits and anything they pick up of interest, put a url or a synopsis on here, so we can all take a look at it, save a lot of time and we could cover an awful lot more ground...

Just a thought,

On 12/12/14 23:41, John Young wrote:
_Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition

<http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/sites/default/files/globalizing-torture-20120205.pdf>_ http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/sites/default/files/globalizing-torture-20120205.pdf

February 2013
51. United Kingdom

The U.K. government assisted in the extraordinary rendition of individuals, gave the CIA intelligence that led to the extraordinary rendition of individuals, interrogated
individuals who were later secretly detained and extraordinarily rendered,
submitted questions for interrogation of individuals who were secretly detained and extraordinarily rendered, and permitted use of its airspace and airports for flights
associated with extraordinary rendition operations.

According to British journalist Ian Cobain, within days of the September 11, 2001, attacks, the CIA informed British intelligence officials at a meeting in the British
embassy in Washington of the CIA's plans to abduct and secretly detain Al
Qaeda suspects.Cofer Black, director of the CIA's Counterterrorism Center,
made a three-hour long presentation at this meeting in the presence of his MI6
counterpart, Mark Allen.At a subsequent NATO meeting in October 2001, the
U.K. government pledged logistical support to the CIA's extraordinary rendition program, which resulted in CIA flights en route to secret prisons making frequent
stopovers in British airports.


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