[cryptome] UK Labour Party Election 2016: Jeremy Corbyn Elected Leader: As expected

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Dear Colleagues,

As expected Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership election in the Labour Party...by an overwhelming majority. This was despite one of the worst negative campaigns I have seen in some years, carried out by his opponents in the Parliamentary Labour Party and by the mass media. All the old leadership ganged up against him, all the previous failures, like Blair and Kinnock said he made the Labour Party unelectable. With the exception of Blair, none of the others got the Labour Party elected...and look at the mess he made of it with his running mate the President of the United States, George Bush.

He isn't photogenic. He doesn't have charisma...He is a hypocrite, he is contradictory. He doesn't have any policies. The Labour Party doesn't have any policies...well, ones that will work, because they don't know which sector of the population they represent anymore...if they ever did. He is a deceiver, he is useless. Above all...he is one of them left wingers...a secret socialist, an opponent of Israel wonderful policies for making the Palestinians happy and peaceful. It wouldn't be surprising if he was a member of a conspiratorial world communist party ready to take over the country and gain the fruits of the successes of previous Conservative and Labour governments policies in the UK, and of course the tremendous success of capitalism in producing wealth for the masses, and producing such intellectual power horses such as Trump and Hilary Clinton, and Theresa May and such like politicians. And every little mistake he made got plenty of reporting in the media. He is of course, always wrong, and doesn't have the support of the British people or the Labour party...and above all, according to his detractors in the Parliamentary Labour Party, incapable of winning a general election so that they can all get nice jobbies in Parliament. What an interesting scenario painted by his detractors and opponents.

Is it true? Well, he did win the Labour Party election by a handsome majority, overwhelming support from those who voted, which was 77%. Has he got any policies...nope. Has his detractors and opponents...nope. He knows where he stands on Brexit, but the Labour Party PLP doesn't, neither does its national executive committee, neither do most of the trade union leadership. Most of its grass roots is Brexit, the rest of its bureaucracy and paid employees including M.P.s are Remainders. Is he a deceiver...no more than his accusers. Is he charismatic? Nope. Do charismatic politicians like charismatic priests make for a better world...Nope. They usually charismatically line their own pockets at the expense of the rest of the world, and then fuck the world up so that it is difficult for the rest of us to live in it. And the uncharismatic spend their time, putting it all back together again, so that the charismatics can cream off the fat for themselves and pour shit on the rest of us.

What will the Parliamentary Labour Party M.P.s do now? You see, if they don't sort themselves out, they will be deselected at the next general election, and they don't want that. It is OK being all mouth and trousers when the money is coming in, but when the money disappears the principles tend to disappear also. Will they all resign their jobs and go and do a proper job for less money? Of course not...principles are good things to have provided they don't cost any money! Will they form another political party and stand for election in the next parliament. Of course not...They wouldn't get elected, they support the Remainders, most of the British people are Brexiteers. For the same reason they can't join UKIP. Will they leave the Labour Party and join other political parties, like the Conservatives, or UKIP or the Libdems? They could join the Scottish National Party, but would the SNP have them...and they don't live in Scotland. Well, they might join the Conservative Party, and bring their great wisdom and electability to the media moguls and think tanks of Conservatism...if the Conservatives will have them...though they have plenty of misfits of their own. And the Conservative Government is pledged to Brexit, which is somewhat against their principles! So, after their failed civilian coup in the Labour Party, one doesn't know next what they are going to do...but I am sure that they will think of something...:-D



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