[cryptome] Trumptome v Cryptome

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see url: http://www.rawstory.com/2017/03/trump-sends-lawyers-after-teen-for-site-where-kittens-can-punch-potus/

Hi John,

How about changing the name of Cryptome to Trumptome...;-). As the young lady appears to be getting to him and his legal team, I can see thousands and thousands of more websites getting set up in memory of the POTUS's name....:-). Surprised he hasn't had a go at you yet with all that stuff on him you have on Twitter. Until I saw the one of him naked I thought he was a member of the big dick club, maybe it is all in his mind, after all one couldn't Lick our Dick...:-D

I never knew that the POTUS's job was so easy and gave so much free time to its incumbents to allow them to carry on with such personal vendettas. Obviously not a lot of much importance happening in the world these days. He has obviously solved all the major problems and has time to dwell on the inconsequential ones...



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