[cryptome] Trump, Bayrock & Toronto Hotel & Schnaider

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see url: https://www.wsj.com/articles/russian-state-run-bank-financed-deal-involving-trump-hotel-partner-1495031708

courtesy cryptome

Those of you who follow cryptome, will of course know that this information has been around for some time, and contained in recent postings from me regarding the American Interest article and the court case going on about Bayrock at the present time. Nice to see that some newspapers are doing a bit of research into Trump. After all, he is a poor victim of circumstances and is being persecuted by his enemies and adversaries after winning the Presidency. It was never him that caused all those bankruptcies and poor investment planning and a lack of judgement in the involvement of nincompoops and corrupt people in positions of high authority and responsibility. How was he to know...they were so plausible, so credible, just like him.

Perhaps he should have revealed all of those connections before he stood for the Presidency, but there you are, he is a creature of habit and has got away with his bullshit for so long that he has now come to see it as truth and that he is doing the people a big favour by saving them from all those baddies, and all those who want to take their jobs away, and all those who don't pay their taxes, and they believe that he will put America first, and that there was some time in the past when America was great. It's an old, old story, pulling the wool over others eyes, a composition which has been made up by many a perpetrator who tries to convince others that he is the victim, and none if it was his fault. He is a fighter though, and he is definitely a survivor; and he needs allies if he is to survive, because the American establishment will make mincemeat out of him, their recipe is already in preparation. He thought it was going to be easy, that folks would do as they were told, by him, without question, just like the boss thinks he is God in a business and can run it without question, when in reality all his top employees and consultants and lawyers are yes men,

At least, Trump Tower and Donald Trump and his family, or any other previous Presidents aren't having drones with armed weapons circling in the air around their home, ready to unleash their terror on the innocents abroad, and none of his family are dying as part of the war against terrorism, which is being waged all over the world. He should consider himself very lucky, he should find an intelligence and security service which is so full of leaks and classified information a piece of piss to overcome, and a media frenzy full of Hollywood and invented drama the easiest to con. Fake news indeed, alternative facts notwithstanding. We live in the era, where it is becoming extremely difficult to work out what truths are, what to believe, who to believe, what and where sources of information are and if they are credible and reliable....and...it can only get worse. Deception has always been there of course, throughout all aspects of nature, human or otherwise. It is just that we human beings have got so good at it, and so efficient at it, and it is so cheap and quick to spread it. Dangerous times indeed. The internet of things and world wide web might be a great resource, but, like nuclear weapons, it's OK when you are the only one has got them, but when everyone else has got them too, what do you do next...get rid of them...you can't. One of the main concepts and practices which holds a society together is trust, trust of leaders, trust in scientific principles, trust and agreements stuck to with others from the leaders in society, to the ordinary folks and individuals who just want to survive, without mass unemployment, globalism and fear or big governments and weapons of mass destruction.

Still that's the way of the world. Idealism and utopianism have gone down the pan. Good job I am getting old...tomorrow's world is far too exciting and questioning for me. How the young and human society are going to cope in the next 50 years....I just don't know...and I don't know if I want to be around to see it. Youth is wasted on the young, and science is but the record of dead religions...

Cest la vie.



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