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One wonders what the POTUS is up to regarding Russia. Putin & Co were treated as enemies as far as the previous President and government were concerned. Is this attempt to establish a new relationship with Putin got anything to do with the further development of US foreign policy regarding the containment of China, as well as the development of international trade, or closer unity between the two ruling circles so that they can gang up on the Chinese and push the US policy of containment of China even further. Or is it merely Trump attempting to develop his business interests and align them with Putin's so that he can make even more money and his business organisation become even more powerful after he leaves office.

Will there be US bases in the Russian Far east for instance, at some time in the future. Most inter-governmental relationships are based on trade of course, though human rights issues have often soured those relationships, with the US espousing how wonderfully democratic, open and transparent it is, compared to the dominion countries such as China and Russia and all those other dictatorships which exist throughout the world. The US is of course, not a dictatorship, neither is the UK, we all have democratic elections, where the new government is decided by a majority of votes cast by the electorate producing the new POTUS or prime minister... Europe, of course is old, and needs to be updated to a more acceptable and penetrable form of democracy and to remove all those privacy and security safeguards it keeps trying to develop, so that trade can be continued on terms which are informative and good for the US businesses and government.

China copies everything we do or invent, are completely unoriginal in their thought and thinking, achieving only higher technical advances and production by stealing the copyright and manufacturing methods of the Americans. And they are so cheap too, it makes one wonder why Apple phones and other products are so expensive in the western market. And along with routers and most of the other computers manufactured in the world, they are all made in China, probably with security holes we have never even thought of. Quite a job for the US government to protect its digital superstructure from the vagaries of hackers around the world, particularly the Chinese variety, as they are so adept at setting up various hacking communities and developing malware to further their aims of grabbing copyright and getting unlawful access to government computers and networks. The Americans and the British, and the rest of Europe don't do such things of course. We are far too democratic and above that sort of thing, we only play fair like Rolls Royce these days. Isn't cricket and its rules a wonderful thing for democracy. It's why the peoples of the world all want to come and live here, live the dream of freedom and prosperity. Still, I suppose anything is better than be bombed out by the US, the UK, Germany, Russia and France and various other countries. In the meantime, the Chinese continue quietly working away in all those new markets, investing capital and expertise and exporting their intellectual property and management and building skills abroad, to wherever they think there is a market for their properties, and where they can trade and exchange things that they need, in Africa, South America and many other smaller countries

I see too that India is developing its aerial reconnaissance and communications satellite skills in a much better and cheaper way than those of the west these days...using one rocket to launch lots of satellites.

A drone in Dubai is also capable of carrying a human being from A to B...safely...nice to see them used for good purposes for a change instead of bombing the shit out of women and kids and other terrorists throughout the world.

Food for thought...It's a funny ole world



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