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Dear Mags Lucas,

In the land where I was born, there was no such word as penis. It is a Latin term I believe. Our words for penis, if I have translated it properly, or is it transubstantiated it properly, is "chookie" or if one is young "wee chookie" or if one is really into the Scottish language and literacy, we also have the phrase "wee chookie willie". Though I have to say I don't know if there is such a thing as a big chookie willie, because I left Scotland before I had one; and though women in our society, like my mother, used the phrase, wee chookie willie, I never heard her use the phrase "big chookie" or "big chookie willie" so I don't know if the same name was used in women's society or even what they did with it...but I was only little at the time, and I don't think I would have believed it if they had told me anyway.



P.S. Another definition of the phrase "wee chookie" or "chookie" in Scotland is a chick, or chicken, respectively. Such are the vagaries of culture and language and ethnicity, and nationality and species and history and sex and gender and colour, when mixed up with perceptions, belief and history and genes and chromosomes and genomes and evolution....I much prefer to be spam....:-)

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The state of scholarship today:


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see url: https://cryptome.org/2017/05/in-defense-of-transracialism.pdf

Definition of Race: I'm pink...therefore...I'm spam....:-)



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