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Hi Mags,

I don't know what is sound about the argument...perhaps you could elicit it more for me, so that I can understand and become enlightened.

A number of years ago, when my wife and I were living on the Isle of Wight, a little island off the South Coast of England, we used to do a lot of walking. One of our favourite walks was a circular one from our home up to Culver Down and then down the Coastal Path and then along the beach to Sandown, a local holiday resort, before returning to our home.

One day, about 10 years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, we had just had a picnic lunch on Culver Down, and were returning along the Coastal Path admiring the views. It was a sunny day, in early summer, not too warm, not too cold. There was a lovely blue sky, with a light wind and the white clouds were scudding across the blue sky, changing shapes...as they do. As we meandered along we saw an object in the distance, sticking out of the coastal heather, and on coming closer, we perceived that it was an elderly woman, in her 60's or early 70's with silver curly hair, lying flat on her back, perfectly still, wearing a long coat, nylons and black brogue shoes. As we approached, we both stopped talking and just stared and, as we passed by, we fell silent, though we both looked closely to make sure that she was OK, and decided to ignore her as we didn't want to disturb her. We could see that she was breathing, but she had her eyes closed, and her skin colour looked OK...so we decided to walk on.

We got about a further 10 yards, when we both stopped and I said to me missus, I think we should go back and check that the lady is alright, and my wife felt exactly the same thing. Other people had passed her in the meantime and they had all stared, but ignored her. We returned to her and I went close to her and asked her if she was feeling OK. At first, she ignored me, so I asked her a bit louder, watching her breathing and her face and body for any signs of life, then she opened her eyes and responded to me and sat up. She sat up, thanked us very much for checking up on her and said that she had decided to have a sleep, as she often gets tired whilst she is out walking, and then lay back down again and closed her eyes. Me missus and I proceeded on our way.

Of course, this stimulated a whole lot of musings and discussion between me missus and I, as I am sure you can imagine. All sorts of questions went through our minds. After all, it was a strange situation, it was a strange thing to do, what were her motives, was she really sleeping, was she really tired, or was she just enjoying the moment and meditating with the blue sky and white clouds, and green and purple and white heather as her composition? Or was she playing a game with the passers by? Was she seeking attention? Was she conducting an experiment, to find out what people would respond to her situation and how they would respond, or how many would respond? Was she checking out people's curiosity and had a little curiosity meter secreted in her overcoat? We never found out.

We never saw her again, but we have often thought back to that day. And another strange thing, and you can believe this or not, but the next time we went that way, it was a showery day, and as we passed close by to that spot where the lady had lain down, the sun came out and the most beautiful rainbow appeared, and came close to us to almost the point at which we could touch it.



P.S. And no, I didn't find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...and did you know that rainbows are actually composed of more than 7 colours? The 7 is a throwback to Newton who did a lot of work with light refraction and a lot of work on religion, and it took 7 days to make the world.

P.P.S. The scientists reckon, that cats cannot see a rainbow, because the structure of their eyes are very different from us human beings. Be that as it may, do rainbows really exist or are they a figment of our imagination?

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It's a sound argument. The reaction after an assault by the Transquisition was 

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see url: https://cryptome.org/2017/05/in-defense-of-transracialism.pdf

Definition of Race: I'm pink...therefore...I'm spam....:-)



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