[cryptome] The elephant takes over the room

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see url: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/09/us/wikileaks-julian-assange-cia-hacking.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0

Interesting article on the quandaries and conundrums about how to make the internet more secure. Take the advice of the CIA or Julian Assange and Wikileaks...pay for it even? And just because classified information is made public doesn't mean to say that the elephant's takeover of the room should become visible in law. Did North Korea do the hacking after all? Is it the Chinese or the Russians who are responsible for hacking into large corporations and the party political organisations of the United States. After all, the USA and 5 eyes plays fair and are democratic organisations, and wouldn't dream of doing such a thing to affect or influence elections in other countries.

And us non U.S. citizens can all rest assured and be pleased that the CIA and NSA protect the privacy and personal data and do not do mass surveillance or TAO's on individual US Citizens, and that GCHQ does mass surveillance, all be it on a limited scale and well within English Law on US citizens as well as its own citizens and every other nations citizens. Still, that is what spies and spying is all about. Perhaps Assange should try selling the stuff back to the C.I.A. or on to the Russians to help pay for his defence in Sweden, as the US companies and the USA government don't want to know.

Nothing at all about congratulating Assange and Wikileaks for exposing serious weaknesses and flaws in CIA security procedures, or punishing those in its own organisation with a couple of hundred years in a security max prison for their felonies, far better to blame Wikileaks and a slip up at some private security company which gets paid billions for selling crap security products, systems and procedures.

Perhaps I will tweet President Trump and ask him what he thinks of it all...on second thoughts, how can I do that...I am not a member of twitter..found the joining procedures far too difficult for my simply mind, especially when it came to the privacy documents...:-).



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