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  • Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2015 10:58:10 +0000

Dear Александр,
"The truth is never pure and rarely simple." wrote Oscar Wilde in "Philosophies for the Young".

I always thought that the moon was made of green cheese myself. An imperfect creation of The Great Cheesemaker of the Universe. The reason that it is imperfect is because of all the bubbles in it. As we all know, the moon decreases in size and shape over a month, and the cause of this, I believe, is due to the The Great Squanderer of the Universe, who eats great chunks of the moon cheese over a month until he/she becomes satiated, fat, and so tired that he then falls asleep for a week or so. After a while of darkness, The Great Cheesemaker of the Universe manages to gear up the production of green cheese...with bubbles...using starlets and a mixture of cosmic dust and the solar wind; and the mooncheese becomes whole again.

Actually the moon isn't round but cheese shaped, and is like a whole Dutch Gouda but is more of a yellow colour, which is due to reflective infraction and red shift by the Soviet laser beams and blue shift by the American quantum Republican pollutionaries, otherwise known as GOP and Ensteins theory of special and general relativity, over the years as it has gradually matured.
If you are Scottish or live in Scotland, the moon changes to the colour of tartan. At New Year time it becomes a double moon, due to the effects of the "water of life" and the reading of Tam O' Shanter by Robert Burns, Scotland's greatest, and some unkind people say...only poet...which is not true. This theory also proves that the concept of the moon is relative to human culture, mythology and belief systems, mixed with scientific dogma and religious truths along with the necessary spiritual consumption; and in a recent piece of research into Aborigine mythology, the moon is seen in a completely different light altogether. All of this is seen in a vacuum of course, and therefore, there may be some temporal and mental distortion of the time frame due to the ever faster and expanding universe, which suffers from Shroeders Cat Syndrome...or now you see it, now you don't.

Father Christmas is another myth or legend, a Middle Eastern invention, distorted by Confuscius and Western Christianity and the orang outangs of Eastern Borneo;and imposed on the masses of Anglo-Saxons, Vikings etc before spreading over the world...

This mythical figure in whom I fervently believe...and even more so as I get older, was mollicated by my father's father so that he could get lots of Christmas presents. This belief has come down through the generations, so much so, that all of my children and grandchildren fervently believe it to be the truth, realising at an early age that if they don't, they don't get no presents at Christmas time. Father Christmas for that reason, mainly, has become embedded as a true fact in human relations and passes on down through the generations much as genes do, disturbed by the evolutionary process when some great catastrophe or cancerous incident hits the planet. And anyone who says different...is a liar...:-):-P :-P ;-) .

I could go on and on...but I won't...I would hate to lose the interest of those of my readers who are such ardent followers of historical truths, and who live in the present and dream in the future.
With love to you all.

On 20/12/2015 07:28, Александр wrote:

> It is not fake. We've got reflectors on the moon. We've got
Lunar Laser Ranging experiment
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_Laser_Ranging_experiment

oh... this mainstream argument is so expected. wau.
The Wikipedia & USFake Nasa are the most reliable resources on earth, aren't they?

*Those retro-reflectors were planted on the Moon by HUMAN BEINGS and they couldn't be planted by a moon-walker robot (like the Russians did before Apollo program)?...*

And in the meantime, think about the following logical question:
Why is it that today (almost 50 years AFTER the moon fairy tale), the Americans buy Russian engines in order to deliver their rockets into cosmic orbit? Where are the pooower engines of the "grand" Apollo program? There are no such. *Then on which engines Americans flew to the moon 50 years ago?* This technology was "lost" or stolen by the "bloody soviet agents"... or maybe it has never been existed like their human landings?!

Moreover, there is very basic question like:
Where is the solid evidence that these retro-reflectors are indeed American and not... Russian? The Russians sent to the moon several moonwalkers "Lunokhod" who left there a similar technique before the Americans mission began in the mid-60s.
Also, we can question the whole Apollo program and not only the human landings - not only on which engines Americans flew to the moon, but what happened to the "hundreds" of kg of lunar soil, allegedly brought to earth by the the Apollo expeditions? We want them to give, let's say, 10 kg to an INTERNATIONAL (not USfake) scientific organization with Russian and Chinese scientists who will investigate it (oh, sorry, it's too secret and maybe too altruistic for the "God's chosen nation" which cares about the welfare of the whole world).

And most of all, as i already said:
*Where is the solid evidence that these retro-reflectors were delivered personally by HUMAN astronauts to the moon, and not by moonwalker as was done by the Russians years before the fake Apollo program?*
Тhere are no material, univocal and NON-american evidences for already over half a century.
And the rest - is policy and propaganda. Very dirty. Like the fake tube that Colin Powell shook***in the UN* before the invasion to Iraq.*

As my friend said "this moon folklore is too dear to their hearts", is'nt it?
Well, it is not "more dear" than the folklore of the communist threat/Vietnam/Bosnia/Iraq/ 9-11/the bloody Putin. And the best of all is the folklore that "we are the chosen (by whom?!) leaders of the earth, => thus only we are the good guys and everyone else, who is not our economic slave, is BAD => and should be destroyed "for the sake of the world".

*Question everything that has ever been done by all USA officials (especially the last 80 years). At least 90% of all their words and actions are lies, provocations and deceitful propaganda. There has never been in the human history such a rotten and vile government & ruling elite as it is in the USA (as a consequence, weak and deceived nation).*

Those moon fake landings are just the edge of the iceberg.
"He who has ears, let him hear"

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