[cryptome] Re: The NSA snooping.

  • From: Ben McGinnes <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 20:02:22 +1000

On 26/07/13 7:34 PM, Jeremy Compton wrote:
> All nations snoop on each other, but it is the NSA which is the most
> prolific or should l say the most high profile on this issue.

Probably the most prolific too, especially with the Five Eyes

> By the way did anyone see the how ASIO got paid back according to
> one Australian headline. Briefly, in i think it was 2005, the
> Chinese embassy in Canberra was found to be full of bugs and so they
> needed to rebuild this building.

That was a lot earlier than 2005.  I heard about that when I was
growing up, I think it was in the early to mid '80s.

> Recently, with the new ASIO building, China got the Aussies back a
> beauty according to this news article by pinching all the plans of
> this new ASIO building essentially majorly comprimising the whole
> building as everything is known.

Nothing like revenge served with a healthy dose of irony.  ;)

> My five cents worth on this off topic. l can understand what you are
> saying people trying to gain access to Australia's borders
> illegally. The Profit made by people traffickers which is around
> AUS$20,000 + per person. Australia does not have a problem with
> people trying to gain refugee status in Australia bit, but it is the
> illegal bit they do have a problem with which in an election
> campaign both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott.

The problem I have with the "illegal immigration" or "illegal boat
people" argument is that it is emphatically *not* illegal to seek
asylum, nor is it illegal to flee for your life.  The reality is that
more than 90% of those arriving by boat are genuine refugees who
should be granted asylum and not locked up indefinitely.


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