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  • Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 19:14:42 +1000

On 21/07/13 8:42 AM, System Rat wrote:
> I agree on the comparison of the British services naming to ours but
> as this seems to be a largely a US based group I used the US
> equivalent services as a rough comparison of roles - domestic and
> foreign.

Yeah, I understand wanting to equate things to the US view, though I
generally assume Cryptome readers are a little wider read.  ;)

> Re Abbott - Yes I do think he would do a far better job than the
> current lot.

You realise we're talking about the same guy who, through negligence,
didn't notice his own staffer setting up One Nation using his
electoral resources ... and now he wants to run the country.

> As an off topic issue the now out of control illegal immigration

If you're referring to asylum seekers, there's nothing illegal about
it.  That term is just spin adopted by the major parties.  Along with
the "queue jumping" nonsense.

> mess Rudd created by dismantling our boarder protection laws has
> resulted in ASIO being severely stretched in being able to do
> security assessments.

The laws are, if anything, more strenuous now than they were in the
Howard era.

> Just who is really coming in via the backdoor and what problems will
> we face in the future because of this. The majority are economic
> immigrants but not all.

If you're panicking about boats, don't.  Anyone of genuine concern
will arrive on a student visa.

> Andrew Wilkie is an independent who was once an ONA officer who
> leaked classified information.

Right and his wife was an ASIO officer.

> Prior to being elected as an independent he ran for the Greens party
> but lost. His support of the Gillard government has cost this
> country dearly.

I disagree, she copped a lot of crap she didn't really deserve,
including a hideous chunk of misogynist bullshit.  Mainly because most
people in the country didn't fully grasp what a minority government
really means or how it works (and often doesn't work).  Which isn't to
say she was great, she wasn't (and may still have some legal issues to
deal with in the future), but a lot got left at her door which
shouldn't have been.


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