[cryptome] Re: The NSA snooping.

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  • Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2013 09:01:57 -0700 (PDT)

David Brin argues its not a bad thing so long as more and better controls are 
in place. " The translucent society ". 
Personally I agree with him on quite a lot, though he's more statist than I am. 
As for being ' upset'. Not me. The NSA do their job and us anarchist 
revolutionists do ours.
 Its a professional relationship we have. We don't get 'upset'.

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Subject: [cryptome] Re: The NSA snooping.

Perhaps I am missing something fundamental here but you guys are getting upset 
that the NSA is doing its job in maintaining an ability to intercept 
communications be that by whatever means Morse to smoke signals or sharks with 
lasers (Dr. Evil Austin Powers). I am not a terrorist nor would I disclose 
secrets that might harm the state or its allies if I knew any that is. (By the 
state I mean people like you and me that live there NOT the current political 
party.) Any NSA or local equivalent analyst would most lightly go off on stress 
leave if forced to monitor my online activity due to boredom. If I live in some 
repressive regime for example the former east Germany then I might fear a knock 
on the door. BUT on the other hand the NSA or its local equivalent via 
technical means have the ability to target and monitor the bad guys by 
definition for example Al Qaeda is that a bad thing ? Do you have some proof 
for example Al Qaeda is not using a local ISP near
 you ? The counter argument to objecting to them monitoring is events like 9/11 
represent a failure in identifying the threat. Perhaps  Al Qaeda’s tradecraft 
was not to disclose any useful information in communications that might be 
intercepted. I hope any and every means is being employed to help prevent a 
repeat of that atrocity now. I would not trust the current government of my 
country to run the chook raffle and there are many corrupt elements in the 
current government without doubt but I seriously doubt the men and women in the 
security services here or at NSA are anything but seeking to do the best for 
their respective countries. Not sure if this is real but in the movies I’ve 
seem a poster “ I god we trust everyone else we monitor”  

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