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An off shoot of DSD is CSOC - Cyber Security Operations Centre which would
be a fun place to work with lots of nice toys.

I suspect they are not using Huawei gear other than in a lab :-)

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Usually each country l can think of has four main intelligence agencies. 
In New Zealand you have NZSIS (New Zealand Security Intelligence Service),
(GCSB) Government Communications Security Bureau, (DDIS) Defense Directorate
of Intelligence and Security, (NAB) National Assessments Bureau.

Australia's Intelligence organisations are ASIO (Australian Security
Intelligence Organisation), ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence
Organisation), DSD (Defense Signals Directorate), ONA (Office of National

A rather old but authoritative report on New Zealand's Intelligence
community is this one put out by the Department of Prime Minister and
Cabinet. Securing Our Nations Safety. December, 2000

NZSIS are Domestic Intelligence, like that of ASIO, MI5, whereas GCSB
(external intelligence) is like that of the Australian Defense Signals
Directorate (DSD) and the GCHQ and the NSA.

DDIS, is New Zealand's Military Intelligence, l am uncertain what the
equivalents are of the top of my head.

The National Assessment Bureau is the Prime Ministers independent research
organisation (Its function is to provide assessments to the Prime Minister,
other ministers, senior officials and New Zealand's diplomatic missions
abroad, on events and developments that bear on New Zealand's interests,
especially in regard to national security matters.)
http://www.dpmc.govt.nz/nab The Australians have an equivalent organisation
to this one, that being the Office of National Assessments
http://www.ona.gov.au/ http://www.ona.gov.au/about-ona.html 

Having said all this, there are real reasons why we have such strong
security, that does get breached by such countries as China. An excellent
example is that of the building that had been built for ASIO but because of
a cyber attack has had all its building plans and anything of value stolen,
through a contractor that did not have good computer security practices. 

Source: HACKED! (Four Corners) By Andrew Fowler and Peter Cronau Updated May
29, 2013 16:22:00

Blueprints for new ASIO headquarters 'stolen' May 28, 2013 Ben Grubb

China blamed after ASIO blueprints stolen in major cyber attack on Canberra
HQ Updated Tue May 28, 2013 7:51am AEST

China's payback to ASIO the latest in a tradition of spookery May 28, 2013

This is the reason why you should have very good security practices. 

In order to save this situation, Australia will have to gut this new
building internally totally and start again and make sure that its security
of everything is of the highest grade. 


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I agree on the comparison of the British services naming to ours but as this
seems to be a largely a US based group I used the US equivalent services as
a rough comparison of roles - domestic and foreign.

Re Abbott - Yes I do think he would do a far better job than the current

As an off topic issue the now out of control illegal immigration mess Rudd
created by dismantling our boarder protection laws has resulted in ASIO
being severely stretched in being able to do security assessments. Just who
is really coming in via the backdoor and what problems will we face in the
future because of this. The majority are economic immigrants but not all.

Andrew Wilkie is an independent who was once an ONA officer who leaked
classified information. Prior to being elected as an independent he ran for
the Greens party but lost. His support of the Gillard government has cost
this country dearly.

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On 20/07/13 10:18 PM, System Rat wrote:
> In Australia  - ASIS = CIA whereas ASIO = FBI in Oz in the context of
> intelligence services.

Actually a more accurate comparison is that ASIO is the equivalent of
MI5 and ASIS is the equivalent of MI6, except without the "self-defence"
power that British subjects have (which is what Fleming used as the basis
for the "license to kill" in his novels).

To get an equivalent of the FBI you'd need to combine parts of the AFP,

> No I have no idea what they get up to regrettably I am not in the
> loop. :-) . In each case the attorney general overseas them but each
> has its own head.

Nope, not all of them.  There are six (possibly seven, depending on
definitions - see below) main intelligence organisations in Australia:

1) Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO); reports to the

2) Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS); reports to the Minister
for Foreign Affairs.

3) Office of National Assessments (ONA); reports to the Prime Minister.

4) Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO); follows Department of Defence
chain of command up to the Deputy Secretary of Intelligence and Security.

5) Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation (DIGO); follows Department of
Defence chain of command up to the Deputy Secretary of Intelligence and

6) Defence Signals Directorate (DSD); follows Department of Defence chain of
command up to the Deputy Secretary of Intelligence and Security.

Arguably you could also include the Defence Security Authority (DSA), which
deals with security policy and vetting.

> PS I don't trust the current attorney general on the political level
> but come the next election he will be gone I hope.

You really think Tony Abbott and company will be an improvement?  If the
election goes that way I think you'll be disappointed.


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