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  • From: Shaun O'Connor <capricorn8159@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2014 21:29:42 +0100

nah your spot on Douggie.
"climate change" and all that crap is the perfect excuse to foist on the
unsuspecting public to shore up the ever expanding defence industry, the
hordes of spooks that need all those layers of protection. politicians
plush offices..etc etc . call me a cynic if you like but that's the way
I look at it, nature follows well defined patterns of events and there
is sweet FA that money ,science or man can do to change it.

Now meaning of words I think you mentioned in a previous post......mmm.
not sure I have a pat answer to that one.

privacy being a basic right rather than a concession? look at this way, 
would would you really want everyone gawking at your most intimate
moments? much less other activities required by the needs of nature!!

Funny how the spooks seems to think that they and only THEY have a right
to privacy or anonymity and everyone else is expected to accept
unwarranted snooping without so much as a fucking whimper!!
ok rant over...ahh i feel much better now..
On 28/06/2014 18:10, doug wrote:
> Hi Neal,
> I remember when I was a kid, my grandfather telling me that the ground
> was so hot, that he used to burn his feet on the pavement on the way
> to school.  It turned out that he had no shoes.
> When I were a kid, I remember learning at school that we were heading
> for the next Ice Age and it was going to get colder and colder.
> When I were an adult and first became involved in the "Green" movement
> after reading a book on it in the 1960's, I was told that by now, the
> planet would have run out of oil, gas, and would be so polluted and so
> full of people as to make life impossible.
> When I was middle aged, along came a  man called Tony Blair and
> started taxing me so as to protect the environment and then gave all
> the money to large companies to produce more "green" energy like wind
> turbines and solar panels.  I am not opposed to such things, but it is
> funny how defence expenditure and the waste of resources and energy
> created by the defence industry, is somehow immune from criticism.
> Nowadays I take a much more dubious and conservative approach.  I have
> little doubt that CO2 is on the increase, whether it is due to
> mankinds activities on the planet or for some other reason, I don't
> know.  And whether the increase in CO2 is causing the planet to heat
> up, and I do believe that it is heating up, but whether it will
> continue to do so, I haven't a clue, but I have my doubts as to the
> cause, or whether we can do anything about it.  I do have concerns
> about the holes in the ozone layer which we are now trying to patch
> up.  And I have always advocated that we should use energy efficient
> forms of production and manufacturing and protect and care for our
> environment, learn to recycle more, conserve and grow more trees in a
> sustainable way and try and minimise the effect on the environment
> which human activity does have.  I am also conscious that change of
> the global environment, from such things as sunspot activity, volcanic
> eruption, thunder and lightning can release a lot more heat and
> radiation in a day, than the energy produced in the whole of human
> history.
> It is interesting to note that as carbon dioxide increases in the
> atmosphere, then certain plants and trees will be encouraged to grow
> and take it up. 
> I also tend to go along with the views of Lovelock, in that if such
> climate change is taking place, there is nuffink or little we can do
> about it...Objective, evidence based science these days has a lot of
> lobbyists acting on its behalf in the competition for resources...
> Maybe I am just stupid for thinking all those thoughts, and really
> should go and pull up my trowsis and sit in the dunces chair...
> Dougie.
> On 28/06/14 16:30, Neal Lamb wrote:
>> http://www.aip.org/history/climate/co2.htm


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