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    The CIA has been training Syrian rebels at a secret base in Jordan. I have 
second hand knowledge the U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity, know just as 
the “Activity,” was operating out of that base. The ISA specialize in COMINT. 
It could also have intercepted from our NSA LP in Turkey.

Ed Schroeder

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Where is the listening post in Jordan? Any info online about it that you're 
aware of?  I was in Amman 1973-75.

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  Thanks Haim, for keeping the list alive. If IDF 8200 intercepted the 
communications, the U.S. NSA/Army Listening Post in Jordan must have also 
intercepted the communications, regarding the chemical attacks. 

  Ed S.
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  The German magazine "Focus" from one institution reported that former IDF 
intelligence unit of intercepted conversations between senior Syrian officials, 
proving that the government ordered the execution of the attack Damascus suburbs

  Intelligence unit of the IDF 8200 Syrian leadership while listening to the 
chemical attack on the outskirts of Damascus, which is believed killed hundreds 
of people and injured thousands of other civilians as a result of exposure to 
the deadly substance. German magazine "Focus" reported yesterday (Saturday), as 
the words of Former Mossad that only members of the IDF Intelligence Corps 
intercepted conversations between top officials in Damascus, proving that the 
chemical attack was widely criticized for President Bashar Assad over the 
world, went through teaching the Syrian government.

  Knzrlit German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the German weekly interviewed, 
criticized China and Russia vetoed because the UN Security Council to launch an 
investigation on the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime against its 
citizens last week. Allegedly veto prevented the two powers of inspectors UN to 
Damascus suburbs - the area where the attack occurred, according to German 
magazine claimed the lives of about 1,300 people. Today announced that Syrian 
Foreign Minister Walid Moallem said his country allow UN inspectors to reach 
the area where the attack occurred on Assad's opponents, but in the West fear 
that the evidence that has been destroyed.

  British Foreign Secretary William Hague addressed the evening issue, saying: 
"We have to be realistic about the achievements of UN staff." He says, "may be 
evidence have been damaged in recent days and other evidence had been 
destroyed." Thus referred Haig claimed opposition in Syria, according to Syrian 
army bombed the area in recent days. Meanwhile, Syria's closest ally - Russia 
warned the West's military intervention in Syria, following a suspected 
chemical attack carried out by the Syrian army. "We call force who, using their 
experience to impose their views on the UN experts before the results were 
investigation, raising the possibility of military action in Syria to exercise 
discretion for the investigation and make tragic mistakes, "said the statement 
from the Russian Foreign Ministry. According to the message, attack Syria will 
be "devastating consequences" for security in the Middle East.

  Haim Barak
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