[cryptome] The Empire Fights Back: Part 2

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  • Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 21:01:14 +0000

see url: http://cryptome.org/2014/12/edwards-001.pdf

Because Edward Snowden stole the information from the USG,after signing a secrecy agreement, and passed it on to others who are using this stolen information to make a profit for themselves via selling Citizenfour etc. The backers, producers and makers of the film are liable to have a constructive trust made out of their profits and the money returned to the USG. The plaintiffs are not only acting in their individual capacities, but as acting Attorney General of the USG....under the common law provisions.

Not bad...eh! We can't support the bad guys...can we...:-) . Stealing information and selling it on...conversion at least. Terrible thing, the betrayal of the secrets of a nation state. The thing is that national secrets and classification procedures are not there to hide wrongdoing or subversion by those who signed the secrecy agreements, or using such information for other purposes which are unlawful, they are there to protect the security of the state, and the rights of the citizens to be protected by the state...

Just a thought...

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