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  • Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 03:57:52 -0800

as far as difficulty to use, tor is extremely simple to set up. I encourage
you to download it.


once you download and run it, it will ask you where you want the files to
be extracted. once tor has been put in the location that you specified, run
tor from the folder.

once its running, firefox will open up. this will be tors specially crafted
version of mozillas firefox. if you like you can double check that its
working properly by going to
http://www.whatismyip.com/ or http://www.whatsmyipaddress.net or a similar
site to see if it matches your real ip.

you can now browse the internet with some degree of confidence that the
websites that you visit wont have any idea as to who or where you actually
are. with that in mind there are a few rules to keep in mind to maintain
your anonymity; dont run any browser plugins or applets like java or flash.
these can leak your real ip (not to mention that they are the most common
way for the average user to get infected with a virus next to their own
stupidity from simply downloading and running an executable). Also, dont
run any office documents,pdf files or anything else that might be able to
"phone home" to a potential attacker who would want to unmask your location
while you are on tor. if you absolutely must run a pdf file make sure you
know its source. if theres any doubt at all, run it from a sandbox on a
live distro from a computer thats disconnected from the internet.

installing and using tor is not hard, but using it safely requires some
mindfulness and foresight.

as coderman said, theres other ways to use tor such as tails live distro.
its actually safer in some ways and is very easy to use.

if you know how to burn an iso image to disc and boot from said disc on
your computer, youll be able to use it.

1) download the iso from here: https://tails.boum.org/download/ (refrain
fro. getting it from any other location to insure the integrity of the
image, and you should doublecheck to see if the checksums from their
website matches the iso you've downloaded to be sure that the image hadnt
been tampered with)

2) burn the image to a blank dvd. windows has a built in iso burner since
win7 or you can use imgburn or any other burning software that burns isos.
with macs you can use disk utility to burn isos and in linux brasero gui or
wodim fron the command line. Theres lots of ways to burn isos on any
platform but I wont go any further on the subject as theres lots of
resources on the net that will help you with this

3) boot from the disc you just burnt. you might have to go into your bios
and change the boot options to make it boot from cd instead. alternatively
you can sometimes hit f8 or f12 will bring up the boot options and allow
you to choose what device to boot from.

I encourage you to try to run tor. it may help you evade a snooper or you
might be able to show someone else who really needs to know. also, by
running tor youre helping others by routing encrypted data and thus helping
secure their private browsing

from that point on, once you have tor running, youll be able to access the
onion darknet by using onion urls

you can find some onion urls here: http://onion.is-found.org

i hope this helps. if anyone finds any errors i. my guide here please
please correct me

On Friday, January 16, 2015, doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi You Guys,
> Tx for all the information, most informative.  I must say I didn't
> recognise it from the phrase as she so vividly disturbed my imagination
> with the description of all the horrors and exciting things contained
> within it, that I was scurrying and scumbling all over the place trying to
> find out where it was.  This lady is standing for election I believe, and
> may already be a leading light in our society.  She sounded most highly
> educated, particularly on internet technology.  Isn't it just terrible how
> one can be so wrong. One, after all, has to have "arrived" to get on to BBC
> Question Time.
>  And your right, wee mousies don't get on too well with onions, long
> tails, Catnix etc.  though  Nixin qubes of cheese sounds nice.  If I were
> to install all that stuff, I would only fuck it up and probably crash the
> dark web for months ahead.  I think I will stick to the virtual heavenly
> side...rather than that dark web where all of Auld Nick's fires have gone
> out....much more fun.  Must be bloody cold down there, unless of course all
> you guys are sweating stoking them up...:-) .  Having the NSA on ones right
> shoulder and GCHQ on ones left, is far safer than having them secretly tied
> round ones nuts...:-)
> Dougie.
> On 16/01/15 05:08, coderman wrote:
>> On 1/15/15, coderman <coderman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> ...
>>> but really, directly via .onion using the Tor Browser is best. see
>>> https://www.torproject.org/download
>> this to say that Tor Browser is a bare minimum for all web work, to
>> take advantage of the protections provided. you can certainly improve
>> upon it with defense in depth like Tails, Qubes-Tor VM, Whonix, PORTAL
>> routers, etc. :)
>> ... but that's a tangent more for cypherpunks perhaps, and all
>> bullshit by some means, per JYA.  *grin*

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