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Dear Ed.s,
Not a question of attacking you, you have the right to your opinion and to express them on this list or anywhere else. In fact I thank you for it, because, in my view it allows people to air their views and differences, to correct misunderstandings and to get on with one another a lot better.

Actually, I and lots of others have been looking back for a long time. The longer it went on the more frustrating it became. Denial after denial, after denial, even when the truth was staring them in the face. By them I mean the US establishment. Of course they made mistakes, they kept having them pointed out, but instead of paying attention, taking the comments, the evidence on board, did their best to ignore it, or support it or tell stories to bamboozle and banjax ordinary American people. Whistleblowers, (and there has been many have been hounded, imprisoned and marginalised, their credibility and sanity destroyed) like Diane Roark, were stood upon, their homes searched and personal goods siezed...illegally...Warrants were taken out via the judiciary, the reasons for issuing them made up, saying that the evidence was classified, when in fact it wasn't. They drove people nuts, used the full force of the state against them.

The United States is not in a war for survival. It's ruling circles are using social Darwinian methods to try and achieve its goals and dominate world politics, economics and the culture. That isn't me that is saying that, it is at least half a dozen previous POTUS's who are or have said it. They aim to be the world leaders in everything.

Even the police are being militarised. We have all seen the way that they shout at people when they arrest them. Everyone has the right to a gun...so one never knows if someone is brandishing a weapon. I am not opposed to people having weapons, but I know that I wouldn't have a gun in my house...too tempting when one is drunk, or had a bad day and takes it out on ones' partner...:-).

Well, like all empires, the good things come to an end, and the rest of the world aint having it. Marx's quote about the laws of uneven development come to mind here. Different countries evolve at different times, at different speeds...all proved by world history and events. No doubt the Christian and Muslim religions and the differences between them are playing a role here. But none of those religions say that problems or differences between peoples or nation states have to be solved by war, nor do they say that torture is a good way of resolving problems. As Winston Churchill once said, "War is a non-solution".

The trouble is that they are fighting a war without borders...and it is about time that they realised that just because they don't recognise any borders, other people and nation states do. The US was all very keen to set up the UN, as a method of resolving international conflicts, and encourage dialogue and peaceful, constructive relationships between people. It even helped in its creation by providing a base in New York. That goodwill turned into a huge spying operation organised by the CIA. even to the point of spying on the Secretary General. Now, everyone is doing it, following their example>

And, just as you don't want anyone coming into your house, or destroying it or taking it away from you, without due legal reason, it would make you resentful, angry and want to fight to get your property back. Again POTUS says that America will go after terrorists, or people or nation states or organisations who they perceive as a threat to their national security. And they will do it with or without the consent of the nation states involved to achieve that aim. That is a pretty brutal foreign policy, don't you think?

And then the US wonders why it isn't very popular in the world these days...

There are other ways of solving problems, removing agressive ways is one. Only a few years ago, in Reagan's time, the world was nearly involved in a world nuclear war. The Soviets thought that war exercises conducted by the US and Europe were going to turn into an invasion and they shit bricks, got very frightened and started to mobilise. Reagan thought it was very funny,brushed it off and said, that the US had no intention and never had any intention of attacking the Soviet Union.

Regarding Sharia Law...I agree, what about Christian fundamentalism in the USA, even evolution isn't recognised...
With kind regards,

On 10/12/14 15:22, militarywritersassociation@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Has the United States made mistakes along the way, no doubt. Have good people been used and killed, yes. It is so easy to look back and point out all the mistakes. The CIA is responsible for providing intelligence and take actions that will insure the survival of the United States in a world where there is no shortage of enemies. No matter what they do to some it will see it as wrong. The United States is in a war for its survival, and no one will say it but it is religious war, Muslims against Christians. The CIA did things that no American is proud of but they are fighting a war without borders, rules and common sense. Sharia law makes what the CIA did look like a walk in the park. I am sure my view point will not be popular on this list but that’s ok, because others have quietly done their jobs that allows me to express my opinions, without having to worry about a knock on the door. So please feel free to attack me for saying what I believe to be true......

Best regards,
Ed S.

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On 10/12/2014 13:10, Chien Fume wrote:
a system of government that, like it or not, has done more good than harm

If you genuinely believe that then we are at the core of the problem.

Here are some of the bads:

1. Treating the South American continent as a collection of vassal
states through much of the 20th century with a continuing fierce
opposition to any gestures of independence from their varying current
states of vassal-hood.

2. Raising every North Korean city to the ground through the early
1950's, killing millions both North and South in the process.

3. Killing 3 million Vietnamese and poisoning both population and land
for decades - to what purpose was that repulsive episode directed?

4. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine costing millions more lives
and the destruction of ancient cultures.

And they are just the tip of the 20th century iceberg of 'do things our
way or else' threats menaces and similarly dirty covert operations,
which continue with increasing desperation.

Don't you think the Empire might just have something badly wrong? or is
it all going to plan? I'd be interested in your views.

And while you're at it, maybe a similar list of those 'goods' you see.


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