[cryptome] Tapping President Trumps Wires – A Spy Hunters Perspective

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see url: https://cryptome.org/2017/03/Trumps-Fiber-Rings-NSA-Eavesdropping-03-17-2017.pdf

Very interesting article on New York reach around...amongst other things...well worth a read, in my view. Do previous Presidents tap candidates and incumbents phones? Of course not...Why Not? Because it is against the Constitution...What a silly question. Do the members of 5 eyes share information about their own citizens with each other which would be illegal to gather in their own country? Of course not! Why not... It's against the law...what a silly person....And a spokesman for MI5...or was it GCHQ recently said so, he was quite emphatic about it, snorted and sneered preposterously, saying that by having those two little offices which they have in each others Headquarters would make such things impossible as well as illegal, as they have to work within the law...

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