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  • Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 20:14:08 -0400

All these passionate reports refer to the hyped Der Spiegel
piece, slathered with additional hype, padded with dated filler,
mused wanderings across the Snowden veldt.

The key document that has set techies pushing "credible
evidence" appears to be a two-page outline released by
Le Monde titled "Close Access Sigads" which lists a
batch of techie-like techniques used to intercept comms.


There has been discussion of these tricks around tech
circles due to the sparsity of technical information in most of
the Snowden releases in favor of generalities beloved
tech-illiterate journalists and their readers.

It is likely some techies fed tips and luridities to the German
spies (most of whom are also tech-illiterate and must rely
on tech-aware recruits and contractors who are treated
with disdain by old HUMINT-seasoned salts). Given a bit
of goose by the techie informants, the German spies saw
a great way to boost their tech budget, and leaped into action.

Same as in the US adminstration and Congress and their
kind around the world. Devilish comsec techies are nothing if not
opportunistic, MIT and Silicon Valley born and bred, and pray
nightly many Mannings and Snowdens will continue to valorize
their career of code and hack hoakum.

Mea culpa maxima. Have you seen our media campaign?

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