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It sounds like your usual tit for tat between Israel and her Arab neighbours. 
Though the Arab nations violate peoples human rights far more than that of 
Israel. Where a government has a low value on a human life then you are likely 
to see greater abuses. Also in many of the Arab governments they are usually 
quite autocratic and are usually only interested in their own well being, that 
is of the leadership or the ruling elite. 

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We are in crazy world,,, Two days after the massacre terrible and shocking in 
Nairobi , the committee discussed the UN Human Rights blatant violation of 
human rights by Israel.

Who talked about were :
 # Syria as the state representative murdered every day for nearly two and a 
half hundreds of people and millions became refugees destitute .

 # Egypt 's representative said the two weeks prior to her this grotesque place 
called "The Human Rights Committee of the United Nations " in her country were 
murdered by the army nearly 700 people, injured thousands, journalists were 
imprisoned without any legal protection to those who oppose the rule of the 
military, tasting the heavy hand .

 # Representative of Pakistan three days before he spoke to the UN, 80 
Christians were killed in his country and hundreds were injured when a suicide 
attack in the church.

And against this madness that we share with absolutely action , Hillel Neuer is 
like the little boy in " The Emperor's New Clothes " and calls out the truth. 
Unfortunately, no one listens .

It's time we all get sober , take a look around and examine the measurements of 
common sense , what kind of world we live in and how Israel became the 
scapegoat and the fig leaf covering the horrors of the world, the horrors that 
occur every day , without interruption . World indifferent to these horrors and 
treat Israel , just as it did a few decades ago .


On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 8:37 PM, Frank Siciliano <fts67@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Remember Brad, in the liberal world view its all about euphemistic ideals, 
never about real accomplishment .
Yasser and Obama fit the mold perfectly!

Only difference is Arafat was a con artist and Obama is a...... Oh that's right 
same again, damn!

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On Oct 10, 2013, at 7:22 PM, Brad Fletcher <fletch2016@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I stand corrected!  I forgot about Arafat's Nobel.

That really turned out to be such a great decision-making model for awarding a 
peace prize, eh?

Just sign a treaty - never mind that the awardee is a liar & a criminal who 
won't honor his word!

On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 7:01 PM, Frank Siciliano <fts67@xxxxxxx> wrote:

The real downfall of the peace prize wasn't Carter, who actually has done 
someGood charity work, albeit he's an ideological fool.
The real downfall was the awarding of a "peace prize" to an avowed terrorist:

Yasser Arafat! They based that decision on the whimsical fantasy of the Clinton 
brokered peaceTalks between the Palestinians and Israel. Then at the last 
minute, before signingThe accord, Arafat reneged, taking $50 million American 
funded dollars with him !

Oops! Can't take the prize back...... SUCKERS! 

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On Oct 10, 2013, at 6:47 PM, Brad Fletcher <fletch2016@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The decline of the Nobel Peace Prize's value began when Jimmy Carter was 
awarded a 2nd prize simply because "he wasn't Bush".  Stupid I know, but that's 
what a Nobel committee member admitted on camera.

Since they awarded it to Obama who did nothing to earn it, then embarrassed the 
committee by ordering politically targeted drone killings, the Nobel Prize now 
means nothing.

Hell, watch them give it to Vladimir Putin who has blood on his hands from 
ordering the invasion of Georgia.

On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 5:33 PM, Haim Barak <haim357@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Funny world - then burst out laughing
Guardian conducted a survey among its readers about the most appropriate figure 
for the Nobel Peace Prize. Who won the most votes in a referendum?

True. Iranian President smiling, Mr. Rohani.
So what did we have? Terrorist who received the Nobel Peace Prize, moron has 
done nothing except destroying, received the Nobel Peace Prize and is now 
president of a country run at the atomic and threatens to destroy

  What should I say? Our world just gets better and better

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