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Well, you have some good points there Peter. You could answer what you have 
said in many ways. I could answer this one in the 
framework of an Offensive Realist and say that in the International System 
which is Anarchic to quote Hedley Bull in his book The Anarchial Society.
This view states that there are many nation states out there who all compete 
for power on the international stage all competing for power. The larger of 
those states being great powers. The largest of those great powers being 
primarily the United States, Russia, China and India. 

On the Individual level, you have evil people doing bad stuff all the time. 
People are racked and driven by fear...

I dont usually push the anti Israel camp material. Yes, they do really dumb 
stuff which they admit themselves.

An interesting quote about great powers and what motivates them

Bull (2002:212) argues that great powers have spheres of influence, interests
or responsibility. He states that: 

Great powers contribute to
international order not only by unilaterally exploiting their preponderance in
particular areas of the world or among particular groups of states, but also by
agreeing to establish spheres of interest or responsibility.

Another very interesting quote is that of Michael T. Klare in his book 
resources wars who argues 'that competition for the world's scarce resources - 
Arable lande, cooper, diamonds, fisheries, gold, timber, water, and especially 
oil - is the root cause of many contemporary conflicts' cited in The Next Great 
Clash: China, Russia and the United States by Michael L. Levin (2008:23)

The two above quotes are interesting in regards to both Russia and China. 
Russia and China are both supporting the Assad Regime. The Western nations are 
trying to take them down. Both countries are employing their proxies to fight 
this confict. 

Interestingly at the bottom of this one is Liquified Natural Gas. There are two 
piplines going through Syria at the moment, one called "the Islamic Pipeline" 
and the other one called the 'Nabucco pipeline' Qatar is siting on a huge 
amount of gas. Saudi Arabia want Russia the great power to step out the way, 
but this is not  going to happen. You have two competing parties here the 
Russians and the west and gets to dominate the oil and gas pipelines to red hot 
Europe. Yes thats right it is all about money.

Just a wee note about great powers and what qualifies a great power.

powers are defined as ‘states whose interests and capabilities extend beyond
their immediate neighbours.’ Braumoeller (2008:77) Kegley and Wittkopft
describe great powers as ‘the most powerful countries, militarily and
economically in the global system’ (2006:17).Great powers usually, (though not
always) have five other material dynamics that are characteristic of such
nations. Primarily among these are a large population, (2) a large and very
advanced military, (3) large oil and gas resources, (4) a large and very highly
developed research and Industrial Industry and finally a (5) well-developed 
capable of supporting this great power status.

powers attributes can be identified by realism as having certain
characteristics according to John Mearsheimer (2001:30) ‘Realism depicts a
world characterised by security competition and war.’ In this world ‘Great
powers… are always searching for opportunities to gain power over their rivals
with hegemony as their final goal.’ Mearsheimer argues that ‘great powers strong
drive for power is determined by five assumptions about the international 
(Mearsheimer 2001:29) ‘The first assumption is that the international system is
Anarchic’ (Mearsheimer, 2001:30) That is that in the international system there
is no overarching system or global government which dictates what nations can
and cannot do. ‘The second assumption is that great powers inherently possess
some offensive military capability.’ (ibid) ‘The third assumption is that
states can never be certain about other states intentions’ (Mearsheimer, 
The fourth assumption is that survival is the primary goal of great powers.’
(ibid) Territorial integrity is also very important because once states loose
this integrity then that state is unable to pursue other aims. (Mearsheimer,
2001) ‘The fifth assumption is that great powers are rational actors’ (ibid) 
the five assumptions are married together, they create powerful incentives for
great powers to think and act with regard to each other. In particular, three
general patterns of behaviour result: fear, self-help, and power maximisation.’
(Mearsheimer, 2001:32).

Braumoeller, Bear, F. 2008 ‘Systemic
Politics and the origins of great power conflict’ American Political Science
Review, Vol 102, No.1

Bull, Hedley, 2002 The Anarchical
Society: A Study of order in world politics. Basingstoke::Palgrave

Kegley, Charles W. and Eugene R.Wittkopf,
2006 World Politics: Trend and Transformation .London: Thomson Wadsworth

Mearsheimer, John. J. 2001. The
Tragedy of Great Power Politics, New York and London: W.W. Norton & Co.

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