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Sadly violations of international law are commonplace where
aggression, power, manipulation and war are involved. Too
often violations are rigged to justify violent intervention, perhaps
wars are always commenced with lawfully,ethically and morally
rigged justifications for violence. Nations, note the word derivation,
are usually born, raised, matured and venerated on the fucking
and rape of illegal predations against less powerful targets.

No nation is innocent of this. For Christ's sake, Haim, Israel is
a prime example of this, born that way, raised, matured,
venerated and hated for its violation of international law to
expropriate by violence land and resources with grandiose
religious justification, aided and abetted by similarly guilty
nations of the vaninglorious conquerors of WW2 who aimed
to maintain control of the Middle East petro wealth.

Idiot winners which have gone on to deeply institutionalize
such violations in dozens of police actions, rescues of alleged
victims, takeovers of natural resources, implantation of spying
and agents provocatuer NGOs and missionaries, assassins
by P2P and remote killing devices, with or without UN acquiescence,
usually with, by venal vote rigging by bribery of cash and hideous

Meanwhile the US has homegrown its own Palestinians with
the greatest incarcerated populace in history, more inmates
than Gaza and occupied homelands, not yet as beaten, bombed,
assassinated and corrupted inside prisons but most certainly
treated that way outside. Totally against international law, we
fucking Americans yelling about freedom and justice, why you
would think we have learned the ancient lessons of the Holy
Land and its venerated bibles of merciless and cruel gods.

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At 08:35 AM 8/29/2013, you wrote:
What has happened in Syria is not a local event but a crime against humanity, violations of international law is responsible therefore joins world to respond to that. Syria was an ethical boundary violation, violation of international law. The entire world witnessed the difficult images of the bodies of Syrian children lying on the floor. President Obama spoke for all of humanity when he said that there can be no violation of international law, mass murder without adequate response. We understand that this time the reaction is global rather than local.

On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 7:54 AM, John Young <<mailto:jya@xxxxxxxxxxxx>jya@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We are open to technical means of gentle but not draconian
filtering which requires no more than bozo capability.

Send easy to understand instructions for us bozos keeping
in mind the information about the list available in the headers
or at <http://freelists.org>freelists.org. We are lazier than machinely possible.

And a shout out to Eugen: we get most of our comsec news
filtered through his generous mailings of an impressive batch
of top bozo offerings. Sorry, Eugen, I understand that bozo is a
term for the best laziest and most duplicitous comsec pretentions.

To wit, security is fundamentally deception by tsunamis of bullshit,
perfect for the internet.

At 05:28 AM 8/29/2013, you wrote:
On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 10:55:43AM -0700, coderman wrote:

> everyone who is seemingly stymied by mail filters, deferring their

Sorry, coderman, but this is one of very rare cases when
you don't know what you're talking about.

> input evaluation to third party "moderators", is a lazy lout or
> negligent nincompoop!

Yes, this describes most list subscribers down to a T.
Especially, high-value contributors.

> your personal responsibility upon joining any list is to evaluate the
> origin and content of received communications and apply filters or
> mute accordingly.
> do not shirk this responsibility to others, lest the blinders and echo
> chamber cripple mind...

1. Make Mailman moderate new subscribers by default
2. Unmute subscriber after first nonbozo post
3. Keep the 1-3 bozos on mod until they get the message

The only alternative to this is slow community death.
Your choice, of course.


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